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How Do You Refill an Electronic Cigarette?

Refilling an Electronic Cigarette Below are the steps acquired to refill an electronic cigarette. Be sure to read the instruction manual before using any product: Open the clearomizer from the packet and take it out. Unscrew the metal base by twisting it in an anti clockwise direction until it is fully separated from the plastic part.  Take a bottle of VIP E Liquid  – only approved e liquids can be used in the products as liquids that are not specifically approved by the manufacturer may result in damage to the hardware. Remove the lid of the liquid by pressing down on the lid and turning it anti clockwise – this will release the child proof lock on the bottle.  Take the plastic part of the clearomizer and hold it so the mouth piece is facing the floor. Ta[...]

26 January 2017

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Questions to Ask When Choosing an E-Cig

VIP’s aim is to provide a suitable long term alternative to smoking which offers the similar sensation and taste of a regular cigarette without the nasty side effects.  Extensive research and feedback obtained from smokers was used to assist in the development of VIP Electronic Cigarette.  The ingenious e-cigarette is an alternative designed by smokers to meet the need of smokers.  The device is the most realistic smoking alternative available.  Our E-Cigarette starter kit and Photon tank options offer a higher volume of vapour and smoother taste compared to other brands. What is the best E-Cigarette? You can choose between the VIP E-Cigarette and the VIP Tank Kit option when deciding on which starter kit to purchase.  It is a personal choice, but we can provide yo[...]

19 January 2017

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VIP Electronic Cigarette as Featured on RTE and TV3

The recent report from the Health Information & Quality Authority  (HIQA), has stated that ‘ people who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking are twice as more likely to be successful’ .  The report that was featured on RTE and TV3 outlined the findings of this report and shows that e-cigarettes can help people QUIT smoking. It is interesting to see RTE reporting that every year the HSE pays out an estimated 40 million euro in providing aid for smokers trying to quit . This includes the provision of support and the payment of GP visits for medical card holders. According to Dr. Maírín Ryan of HIQA, “t he most cost effective intervention is a combination of two medicines: nicotine replacement therapy and then a medicine called Varenicline”. Below is the fu[...]

9 January 2017

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Increased use of E Cigarettes would assist smokers to quit

E Cigarettes Helping Smokers to Quit The Health Information and Quality Authority have said that an increased use of e-cigarettes by smokers trying to quit “would increase the number of people who successfully quit compared with the existing situation in Ireland”.  This is one of the findings from the recent HIQA report on e cigarettes as a tool to help people stop smoking. Gillian Golden from the Irish Vape Vendors Association has stated: “ One of the headline take aways from the report is that HIQA clearly state that providing inaccurate information on comparative risks is unethical as it fails to allow people to make informed choices. Hopefully, this means we will see a reduction in the level of misinformation about vaping prevalent not only in the medic[...]

6 January 2017

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Is 2017 the Year You Resolve to Kick the Habit?

  Combat Smoking in 2017 2017 looks like being a bumper year for vaping. There is a growing body of evidence, all of which suggests that if you want to quit smoking , then vaping is the most effective way in which to do so.   The Facts           Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking –  Royal College of Physicians          3 million vapers in the UK and growing –  ASH          Vaping endorsed as a smoking cessation aid –  NHS          Smoking numbers at an all-time low –  Public Health England   New Year’s Resolve Most people are heading  back to work  after the New Year frivolities, looking to the year ahead and maybe already craving their next holiday. So, what better a time t[...]

5 January 2017

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