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THE SWITCH – How do Others Experience Vaping?

In January, the National Center for Smoking Cessation & Training (NCSCT) published a guide on the use of the  electronic cigarette  for tobacco cessation purposes. Additionally, in an effort to reach out to smokers to inform them about the low risk alternative, the NCSCT called on the NNA Consumer Association to help them design short videos featuring people speaking about their experience upon switching from smoking to vaping. This is how  The   Switch  was born, a series of short films “ inspired by people who stopped smoking with vaping  “. They show how some have managed to make the switch. The main points highlighted by the vapers in the video include: Many people find it hard to quit because they have picked up the habit of the ‘hand-to-mouth&[...]

23 February 2017

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What to Expect When You Quit smoking and Start Vaping?

Quit Smoking and Start Vaping There’s a lot of talk about the many benefits people enjoy when they make the switch from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes to vaping electronic cigarettes . But before you choose an electronic cigarette company , did you know that changes can start immediately? Continue reading for a timeline that shows you just what happens to your body when you make the switch from smoking to vaping: 8 HOURS 8 hours after you quit smoking, your body will begin improving. In fact, within these first few hours is when the very first noticeable effect of no longer smoking is seen: the amount of oxygen in your blood will begin to return to normal levels, even if you’re already vaping. This is possible because the vapour that’s produced by our ele[...]

16 February 2017

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E Cigarettes Are ‘Far Safer’ than Smoking, Say Health Experts

The first long-term study of the effects of vaping in ex-smokers found that people who switched from real to e cigarettes had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than regular smokers. Researchers said the findings of the study provided strong reassurance that vaping was safer than smoking.  Funded by Cancer Research UK, the scientists studied a total of 181 individuals, including smokers and ex-smokers, who had used e cigarettes or nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) products, such as patches and nasal sprays, for at least six months. VIP E Cigarette has called on the Irish Cancer Society to endorse the research that was carried out by their British counterpart. “We are hoping that this report and its findings will be looked at by the relev[...]

8 February 2017

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E Cigarettes and Nicotine

E cigarettes were developed to help smokers quit.  They were developed to mimic the hand to mouth action so to convince the brain that you are doing what you have always done when in fact you have cut out all the harmful toxins that are associated with tobacco. Nicotine There are some misconceptions regarding Nicotine and its use in the e cigarette , as some people are not aware of some simple facts.  Smoking illness is caused by toxins and tar found in cigarettes, not from nicotine.  It’s the smoke – the smouldering particles of organic material and hot toxic gases – that does the damage.  Professor John Britton, Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies and head of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group, compares the health risks of nicot[...]

2 February 2017

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