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Most Common E-Cigarette Myths in 2018

No doubt you will have seen some of the stories in the media recently following the publication of PHE’s latest update of the evidence on e-cigarettes.  E-cigarettes do get some bad press and we need to address the many myths in this sector. Not surprisingly, there are lots of inaccuracies and misconceptions about e-cigarettes and vaping. This blog looks at the most common myths and provides the facts from Public Health England. PHE’s latest comprehensive independent e-cigarette review, authored by leading academics in the tobacco control field, takes a look at the most up-to-date international data and peer-reviewed research. Despite the sometimes confused, and confusing, media reporting around the safety of e-cigarettes, there is growing consensus around the evidence. Althoug[...]

22 February 2018

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E Cigarettes and Heated Tobacco Products: Evidence Review

There have been stories in the press regarding vaping lately; of which a lot of them are quite negative and misleading. What the world needs to know and understand is that they should listen to experts in this field and not every story that gets published. Public Health England are a world-renowned Health Body and are experts in the area of e cigarette safety. The report they conducted in 2014 found that e cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than smoking. However, the body have since updated this report to include new evidence which suggests that vaping is far less harmful than smoking, as well as the following points: regulations e cigarette use safety of e cigarettes In the video here , you can also listen to some key questions and findings from the report. [...]

9 February 2018

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