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3 Facts Smokers Should Know About Vaping

Just a few years ago electronic cigarettes were uncommon, hard to find and a mystery to most people. Now they’re everywhere – but it turns out they’re still a mystery to most people. Any survey carried out always find that while the public hear a lot in the media about e-cigarettes and vaping in the media, they don’t really know much about them. Unfortunately, smokers aren’t really better informed about vaping than anyone else. However, this isn’t really surprising as smokers read the same newspapers, complete with the same alarming stories. Just to help set the record straight and inform smokers about vaping, below are the key three facts every smoker should know about e-cigarettes. Fact 1: Vaping is Cheaper than Smoking For now, vaping is much cheaper than smoking. E[...]

21 April 2017

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Latest HIQA Report Update

Last week the HIQA report was once again brought up in the news. However, the report’s recommendations in terms of the safeness and effectiveness of e-cigarettes were very disappointing to say the least.  Dr. Ryan states in the report that 1 in 3 people are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking.  Despite some promising results, HIQA determined that there was not enough evidence at present to reliably demonstrate their effectiveness as an aid to smoking cessation. This statement is a concern as it is saying that e-cigarettes are helping people to QUIT but there’s  not enough evidence to show they are effective at present. In saying this VIP and many other e-cigarette suppliers believe they are effective in aiding people to QUIT and have been for years.  You can’[...]

19 April 2017

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