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Sub-Ohming is the  latest  in all vaping technology, but is it for everyone? There are pros and cons to all types of vaping equipment and what works for one person may not be right for another. Trying to find what is suitable for you when it comes to vaping can be a real challenge, however, many people tend to go from a simple vape pen and expect a sub-ohm device to work in a similar way. This is not the case and using a sub-ohm device can be difficult for some users to get the hang of. Although recommended for experienced vapers, new users sometimes see the latest in vaping technology and want it straight away without any knowledge of vaping at all. In this case, most vapers will eventually get used to the device but will almost definitely need to read the manual a few times or g[...]

15 December 2016

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Tips on How to Quit Smoking using Electronic Cigarettes

“Quitting smoking is the most effective means by which smokers can avoid the premature death and disability caused by smoking.” These are the opening words from Nicotine without Smoke: Tobacco Harm Reduction , a report by the Royal College of Physicians. The report was released on Thursday April 28 2016 and addresses several key issues regarding electronic cigarettes and the potential they have to prevent the disability and premature death of people in Ireland who still smoke tobacco. If you are one of the 1 million people still smoking tobacco in Ireland and think switching to electronic cigarettes may help you quit, what steps should you take in order to make the leap? Identify the Right Electronic Cigarette for You There are many products to choose from and s[...]

12 December 2016

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A Basic Guide to Ohm’s Law

For us vapers out there, we are constantly using laws and equations (sometimes without even realising it!). Even a simple blend at home recipe uses ratios or percentages to ensure the correct balance of e cig liquid is used to create the flavour that is required. As far as Ohm’s Law goes, it is something that most vapers will require knowledge of at some point. The Ohm’s Law will help you on your way to safe vaping and allow you to  enjoy  vaping all day without any fear of damaging your products or yourself in the process. This law does not only ensure your safety, but also aids you in finding what is called the  sweet spot.  The sweet spot is different for everyone, it is the perfect amount of heat, vapour and flavour for you. To get your  perfect  vaping experience and find y[...]

8 December 2016

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What’s in my E-Liquid?

Contained within VIP E-liquids are just  4  simple ingredients. Many people are unaware of this and have read articles which might suggest that e-liquid ingredients are unsafe or contain unknown chemicals. With VIP Electronic Cigarette Ireland , you can always be certain of the ingredients contained within our e-liquids as they are safety and  quality tested  under UK regulations giving you some peace of mind in knowing that every vape is not only flavorous, but  safe  too. Here we shall give an in depth description of each ingredient within our e-liquid, giving you the  knowledge  you need to feel safe whilst enjoying your  vaping experience. Propylene Glycol Propylene Glycol  is a clear and odourless liquid with a very faint sweetness to it. Many people tend to think [...]

1 December 2016

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