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E-Cigarette Usage & Safeness

Many people often wonder about the dangers of e-cigarettes, especially now more than ever after a man in America died when his vape pen exploded. The case is currently making headlines around the world and it is thought to be the first death caused by vaping products in the US. Tallmadge D’Elia died at his home in Florida after his vaping device blew up with fragments being projected into his skull. It was reported that he suffer[...]

31 May 2018

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E-Cigarettes Contain Same Carbon Monoxide Levels as Non-Smokers

Here at VIP, we recently came across an interesting video by the BBC News which shows a subject being tested for levels of carbon monoxide in the body. Carried out at Queen Mary University in London, the test showed that carbon monoxide levels of a non-smoker and someone who uses an e-cigarette produced the same result of 4. However, when the subject took a drag of a regular cigarette this number more than doubled, to 10, highlighting that[...]

29 May 2018

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Most Common E-Cigarette Myths in 2018

No doubt you will have seen some of the stories in the media recently following the publication of PHE’s latest update of the evidence on e-cigarettes.  E-cigarettes do get some bad press and we need to address the many myths in this sector. Not surprisingly, there are lots of inaccuracies and misconceptions about e-cigarettes and vaping. This blog looks at the most common myths and provides the facts from Public Health England. PHE’s l[...]

22 February 2018

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E Cigarettes and Heated Tobacco Products: Evidence Review

There have been stories in the press regarding vaping lately; of which a lot of them are quite negative and misleading. What the world needs to know and understand is that they should listen to experts in this field and not every story that gets published. Public Health England are a world-renowned Health Body and are experts in the area of e cigarette safety. The report they conducted in 2014 found that e cigarettes are at least 95% l[...]

9 February 2018

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E-Cigarette Safety: The Facts Explained

In this extended (13 minute) video , experts take a deeper look at the evidence on some of the issues that surround the use of e-cigarettes. This is the second of a series of five NCSCT films for the public, part-funded by Public Health England and produced in association with the New Nicotine Alliance. The professors and experts in the video provide some in depth knowledge of the main topics or queries consumers have when it comes to [...]

19 January 2018

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Common E-Cigarette Questions Answered by Dr. Andy McEwen

Following a high-profile Royal College of Physicians’ report  encouraging smokers to consider e-cigarettes as a less harmful alternative , Cancer Research UK asked Dr Andy McEwen, executive director of the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the devices. His response to these questions can be found below.  Are e-cigarettes safer than smoking? Dr McEwe[...]

10 January 2018

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More Evidence to Suggest that E Cigarettes are Definitely Safer than Smoking

  Although not harmless, the evidence is unequivocal that vaping is much safer than smoking. But misinformation and scaremongering could still be putting people off switching. Search for the term ‘vaping’ online and you’d be forgiven for thinking that it is an activity fraught with risks. The top stories relate to health problems and explosions, as well as some even stating than vaping leads to smoking in teenagers. For the average [...]

8 January 2018

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