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A look at Smoking Vs Vaping

My name is Joe Dunne and I own VIP E Cigarette, I am asking you to really read the facts below and also to investigate them to ensure they are true. We have had many pieces on Smoking and Vaping the past few weeks and below outlines relevant information on the whole sector and I ask you to consider telling people the truth or at least outlining the facts from experts to let smokers make an informed decision for themselves. Imagine if we ha[...]

7 January 2019

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Tips For Storing E Liquids

One of the many advantages to vaping over smoking is that you can get your nicotine fix in a wide variety of fun flavours. When your favourite flavour starts to get boring, you can easily switch. If you’re one who likes to change flavours a bit, you’ve probably found that you have several partially used bottles of E Liquid lying around. If you’ve ever gone back to an old flavour after a while, you may have realised that the taste [...]

29 August 2018

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The question we all want the answer to… Yes, they are.  That is really the simple answer to this question.  However, we need to delve into this subject a lot more in order to convince smokers that Vaping is a less harmful option for them and it is not as harmful as smoking.  Let’s look at the various facts we have from experts in these areas. In 2015 Public Health England did a comprehensive study on Vaping and continue to study [...]

22 August 2018

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The Limitations Surrounding Vaping ‘Cell Death Study’

A Recent Vaping Study by University of Birmingham Was:  1.  In vitro – on individual cells under a microscope, not in a living person 2. From cells of just eight volunteers, a small and limited study group 3. Ineffective at making any comparison to the effect of cigarette smoke in the same conditions Please Note: Published 17th August 2018 UK Government Releases Vaping Recommendations: https://publications.parliament.u[...]

22 August 2018

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PG vs VG E-Liquid: What’s the Difference?

As if choosing from the hundreds of e-liquids available to you is hard enough, there are also other things to consider. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or an experienced one, the terms ‘PG’ & ‘VG’ may sound very familiar to you. You may have noticed these acronyms before on the side of a bottle of e-liquid, usually represented as a percentage or a ratio. To put it simply, PG and VG are the basic ingredients found in nearly all e[...]

7 August 2018

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A Beginners Guide to Sub-Ohm Vaping

Until quite recently, sub-ohm vaping was not very common and was only carried out by experts who understood coil building and Ohm’s Law. However, with the introduction of higher-quality and safer devices, sub-ohm vaping has become more popular. What is Sub-Ohm Vaping? Sub-Ohming means to vape with an atomizer that has a resistance level of less than one Ohm (an Ohm is a unit used to measure electrical resistance). This is where the[...]

23 July 2018

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5 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Vapes

How many comments have you heard from people when you pull an e-cigarette out of your pocket? While the majority of people are curious to learn more about vaping , it can often be an annoyance for vapers. After explaining the benefits and facts most people are generally accepting but others may not be as ill-informed. If you’re reading this right now and know someone who vapes, then take note to not ask them these questions about va[...]

26 June 2018

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