New Vaping Laws - What You Need to Know

May 5, 2017 Industry News

While vaping will not be banned, new vaping laws are set to come into force in Europe this month. They are expected to come into effect on May 20. These new laws implemented by the Government are a means to discourage the habit without abolishing it completely. The biggest changes are to the strength of liquids and reducing the size of tanks.

Here is everything you need to know about these new laws:

What are the New Vaping Laws?

Many changes to regulations have been made. These include:

  1. Refillable tanks must have a capacity of no more than 2ml
  2. E-liquids cannot be sold in quantities greater than 10ml
  3. Unless registered as a medicine, e-liquids cannot have a nicotine strength of more than 20mg/ml
  4. E-liquid packaging must be child-resistant and tamper-evident
  5. Additives including colouring, caffeine and taurine are banned
  6. Stricter labeling requirements
  7. All e-cigarettes, vaping kits and e-liquids  must be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before they can be sold

2ml-tank-kitNexus Mini Sub Tank – 2ml capacity

What will be the Effect of the New Laws on Vapers?

Weaker strength and smaller tanks are just the start of it. Manufacturers are concerned about the need to tell the regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, about new products coming onto the market. They see it as an erosion of the freedom vapers have had until now. They point out that a lot of what is now law is already carried out on a voluntary basis by reputable dealers and manufacturers. 

It is argued that the cost of complying with the new laws will be passed on to vapers.

How will the Behaviour of Vapers Change?

Some vapers won’t get the same kind of strength they were used to. Therefore, the expectation is that they will simply buy more of it to get the same kick.

However, chatter on social media sites suggest that at least some vapers with the know-how are planning to make their own e-juice.

Others claim they will buy online from abroad and a few suggest the industry, or at the least those opposed to what is happening, will go underground.

Will Vaping Shops and Stalls be Forced to Close?

This is a major worry for key industry players. It has been warned that shops and stalls should expect a reduction in choice of significant proportions. 

Manufacturers have had a year to get used to the idea but many say users are still unaware and there are some vapers on the streets that will not have a clue why their vape is weaker and smaller come May 20. 

The advice to vapers is to stock up before their favourite vape is taken off the market.  Many shops and stalls will be selling their old stock right up until the moment it becomes illegal.

How will the Behaviour of Retailers Change?

Old stocks can be sold up to the end of May 19 but must be taken off the shelves immediately after that. This is what the regulator says must happen on and after May 20th.

Their advice to retailers is to check with them if the products they sell have been approved. However, it is up to producers to make sure they have complied with the rules to get permission to sell on to the retailer.

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