134,000 Vaping in Ireland says Irish Cancer Society

While it’s still a relatively new phenomenon, vaping has made a huge impact on modern society, especially in Ireland.

The Rise of Vaping in Ireland

A new study from the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) has found that 134,000 people are vaping in Ireland, a huge increase on the 50,000 Irish vapers reported on less than a year ago. So while some might argue that it’s still a burgeoning industry, the number of Irish people vaping right now is enough to attend a sold out music festival twice over.

It seems that not only are there more people vaping, but that people are becoming increasingly aware that vaping and smoking are two very different things. The ICS even acknowledge this in their site, which says “The Irish Cancer Society wants to ensure marketing of e-cigarettes continues to ‘denormalise’ smoking rather than renormalise it.”

Using E-Cigarettes as a Quitting Aid

Elsewhere their survey found that a whopping 81% of smokers in Ireland want to quit smoking; 8 out of 10 Irish people believe in the relative health benefits of vaping; and that most vapers were successful in using it as a quitting-smoking tool.

It’s no wonder people in Ireland especially are making the switch. Add all of the above to the fact that Ireland has arguably the fourth-highest tax on traditional smoking in the world (behind only the UK, Australia, and Norway). The Irish Cancer Society has carried out numerous studies on smoking. The figures on their site relating to traditional cigarettes are chilling:

  • Half of all smokers die from smoking related diseases. Each year at least 5,200 people in Ireland die from diseases caused by tobacco use. This represents approximately 19% of all deaths.
  • Smoking is a prime cause of lung cancer but is also a known risk factor in several other cancers
  • Tobacco smoke contains around 7,000 chemicals. Many of these are poisonous and over 60 are known to be cancer causing (carcinogenic).

Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking

“As a physician looking after patients with lung cancer and other lung diseases, whatever helps people to stop smoking is a good thing,” Dr Ross Morgan, chairman of anti-smoking group Ash told The Irish Times. “There is little that’s worse for you than smoking a cigarette”.

“As a physician looking after patients with lung cancer and other lung diseases, whatever helps people to stop smoking is a good thing. If e-cigarettes help, great.”

In the same story, Dr Morgan concluded by saying: “The thing we know with absolute certainty is that this week 100 people will die of smoking-related diseases in Ireland. And we have to help them quit.”

If you’re thinking of making the switch from smoking to vaping and not sure where to begin then our blog on the beginners guide to vaping. 

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