5 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Who Vapes

How many comments have you heard from people when you pull an e-cigarette out of your pocket? While the majority of people are curious to learn more about vaping, it can often be an annoyance for vapers. After explaining the benefits and facts most people are generally accepting but others may not be as ill-informed.

If you’re reading this right now and know someone who vapes, then take note to not ask them these questions about vaping:


1. “You don’t know what’s in those oils they use”

Firstly, it’s not oils. Secondly, TPD regulations are there to allow you to actually know what’s in ‘those things’, all e-liquids should only contain: PG, VG, Nicotine & Flavourings. That’s if you buy from a reputable seller.


2. “Those things are more addictive than smoking”

People tend to make up their own scientific ‘facts’ when it comes to electronic cigarettes. A study carried out by Dr. Farsalinos in 2013, found that users of e-cigs rated them LESS ADDICTIVE than tobacco cigarettes. Only 18% of people in this study believed that e-cigarette cravings were as strong as cigarette cravings. So there you go, some real facts! Another study carried out by Penn State College of Medicine also came to the same conclusion.


3. “So, how much have you saved vaping?”

Yes, we know that e-cigarettes are just as expensive as tobacco cigarettes but refills do last a good while and the health benefits are definitely worth the price in the long-run. We all have our hobbies and spend money on certain items we want so it’s no different for vapers.


4. “It’s all in your head. Just stop smoking, I did it”

As humans, we are all different. While some people might be able to just stop smoking by going cold turkey, others may find it more difficult. Factors such of dependency and length of time people have been smoking all contribute to how easy or hard it is to quit smoking completely. 


5. “Don’t those things explode?”

For anyone that reads newspapers such as the Daily Mail, well then maybe you should know that these guys just love to roll out a negative headline related to vaping whenever they have no actual news to report on. More often than not, e-cigarettes and chargers become faulty when they are cheap or not purchased from a reputable retailer. Also, don’t all electrical items become faulty when over used or not replaced after a certain amount of time?



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