5 Tips to Help you Quit Smoking

January, as we all know, is the month for self-improvement.  And this month has seen thousands of smokers ditching their traditional cigarettes in an attempt to quit smoking. A survey of Irish smokers last year found that a staggering 83% of them plan to quit, but successfully escaping the habit can be a challenge. With one in two cigarette smokers dying of smoking-related illnesses, the incentive is there, and hopefully 2015 will be the year you stop.

One of the leading tools  to  help you quit smoking  is vaping, of course, and – encouragingly – vaping sales are on the rise worldwide while traditional cigarettes are on the decline.

But some smokers use vaping to just reduce their cigarette intake. And while every cigarette you don’t smoke is a good thing, wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to them forever?

Here are some tips that – along with vaping – will help you kick the smoking habit for good.

1. Meditate

Meditation is seen as a new age, or alternative hobby, but it’s creeping into mainstream popularity and is recommended as hugely therapeutic and beneficial. Here are two secrets about meditation: 1- it’s mostly just controlled breathing, and 2- it can take as little as five minutes. You might’ve read one of the countless studies of 2014 that showed how meditation can reduce stress, clear your mind and even make you better at work. It’s also a great addiction treatment – five minutes of meditation can bring you on a journey and back, ditching whatever bad thought you had before the journey began. This site is a good place to start.

2. Talk about it

Your family, partner and friends desperately want you to quit smoking. If you’re feeling down about it, or want to just talk your way through the urge, talk to someone. A former smoker is particularly helpful in bringing you to the other side or a brief craving pang.

3. Take it day by day

The longest journey begins with a single step, so if it helps, don’t think of it as quitting forever. Think of it as a daily routine with a plan (see below). Before you know it, all of those days will accumulate and you won’t even miss cigarettes.

4. Have a plan

Think of times when you will be smoking and plan accordingly. Make sure your vaping kit is charged and ready to go, and (if you’re going away) pack accordingly. It also helps to tell people as soon as possible that you’ve quit. Language is important too – it’s not “I’m trying to quit” it’s “I have quit”. It’ll help enormously to tell people in advance and prevent them from offering you cigarettes and beckoning you to smoke breaks.

5. Look at your diet

Certain foods and drinks trigger smoking– such as coffee and steak, while others clash with cigarettes, such as mint or fruit. So take a look at your snacking and meals. Swap coffee for peppermint tea the odd time, for example, to head off a craving at the pass.

For many traditional smokers, quitting cigarettes is the hardest thing they’ll ever do. But with our help, these tips, and the support of your family and friends, stubbing out old smokes has never been easier. Best of luck!

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