50,000 Irish smokers switch to e-cigarettes

Recently it was estimated that over 50,000 Irish smokers (7%) have made the switch to e-cigarettes since they came on the international market in 2007. This figure is predicted to grow rapidly as the popularity of vaping as an alternative to smoking takes off.

Here at VIP we are delighted to hear this news as our mission has always been to provide a safer alternative to smoking that gives smokers another choice rather than “quit or die”. This is what Joe Dunne, our director, spoke about on RTE’s Morning Edition (Tuesday, January 28th).

Irish regulation of e-cigarettes

The unregulated e-cigarette industry has been under scrutiny lately with many calls in the media for regulation to occur. The Department of health is aware of the lack of regulation of this growing industry and promises to regulate later this year.

Very recently, our Joe was interviewed by the Sunday Business Post (Sunday, February 9th) on the growth of the industry and the regulation of e-cigarettes:

”We’re looking forward to regulation; we think it needs to happen. We do not think it should be a medical product. We do not think it should be a tobacco product. But this confusion is negative.

“Copy-cat” e-cigarette companies

Joe also spoke about the need for consumers to be aware of possible “copy-cat” companies out there and to be careful with e-cigarettes and vaping products that are bought online:

”If you Google ‘e-cigarettes Ireland’ you’ll see 20 or 25 sites in results. I would say 90 per cent of those are being run out of spare rooms in people’s houses.”

The sooner we see regulation of the e-cigarette industry in Ireland, the better the product and the safer it is for the consumer to make the switch to vaping.

Switch from smoking to vaping

January 2014 was also the 50th Anniversary of the Surgeon General Report on Smoking and Health in the U.S. which for the first time linked smoking to cancer. Electronic cigarettes coming on the market now are a timely reminder that you should make the switch to vaping today.

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