6 reasons vaping does not encourage smoking

There’s a lot of mixed reports out there about e-cig vaping. Some days we read so called “reports” about the dangers of e-cigarettes. Other days we read about how great e-cigarettes are for helping you make the switch from smoking. We at VIP know what to believe, but how can you tell truth from fiction? Or tell scaremongering from fact?

In this post, we hope to allay some of the fears you might have about e-cigarettes and clear up some of the ambiguity created by the media about vaping. Recently, the Examiner published a very weak opinion piece about e-cigarettes. The writer claimed that e-cigarettes encouraged smoking. How?

“Pubs and restaurants, as well as public transport services, are to be encouraged to ban these substitute cigarettes as they are as likely to encourage real smoking as they are to help someone kick the habit.”

1) E-cigarettes do not encourage smoking

Unfortunately the writer does not elaborate on this point. He does not explain how e-cigarettes could encourage smoking. E-cigarettes do not encourage smoking. Despite having a weak argument, this Examiner opinion piece and various other recent news reports about vaping being banned on public transport, have made us wish to discuss the fact that vaping is more likely to help someone make the switch to e-cigarettes. Here is why we think e-cigarettes do not encourage smoking:

2) E-cigarettes are a safer alternative to cigarettes 

Saying that e-cigarettes are substitute cigarettes and that is how they encourage smoking is like saying that Canderel is substitute sugar and thus encourages users (and others around them) to put sugar in their tea. If you don’t take sugar in your tea, are you likely to start because you see someone putting Canderel in theirs? We didn’t think so.

3) VIP E-cigarettes are not sold to under-18s

There have been a number of media reports lately about the dangers of vaping for under-18s. That once teenagers start vaping, they will move on to smoking. We believe this to be completely unfounded. First of all, there have been no reports to show that teenagers are likely to start smoking after trying vaping and second, we don’t sell e-cigarettes to under-18s. We never did.

4) E-cigarettes cost less than tobacco cigarettes 

E-cigarettes cost approximately 83% less than the cost of tobacco cigarettes. This is comparing current prices (€14.95 for an equivalent of 200 cigarettes to 10 packs of 20 tobacco cigarettes @€1.50 per pack). E-cigarettes are much healthier for your wallet and there are so many cool things you could do with the savings you make (approximately €3312.40 per year).  So why would anyone go back to paying more?

5) You can vape indoors, with no smell or passive smoke.

An ex-smoker we spoke with recently explained that she made the switch from smoking to vaping for her child. She didn’t want to smell of cigarettes and she didn’t want her child growing up in a house where she would breathe in toxins and cancer causing chemicals from passive cigarette smoke. Vaping offers Deborah an alternative to smoking, which she can do to beat the cravings she gets for cigarettes.

6) Vaping is better for the environment

Despite recent reports that e-cigarettes are bad for e-waste, cigarette butts and cigarette ash can be seen in almost every public space in the country. Staff in pubs, restaurants and nightclubs must clean out ashtrays from smoking areas every morning. E-cigarette users on the other hand leave no waste behind them. E-cigarettes are reusable, rechargeable and environmentally friendly. Anyone interested in the environment should be reluctant to go back to smoking cigarettes after trying e-cigs.

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