7 Tips for Giving Up Smoking


Eventually every smoker reaches a stage where they no longer want to smoke, and they can get discouraged. We know that quitting smoking is hard, but it’s doable – in fact, anyone can conquer it eventually. Replacing smoking with vaping makes it easier than ever before, but here are some other tips for giving up smoking…

1.Replace the habit with something else

Smoking is as much about day to day habits as it is about the actual nicotine intake. Vaping is a good substitute, but really, anything can fill the gap: Use toothpicks instead of cigarettes; watch a funny video on YouTube if you smoke when you’re bored; get a massage or go for a walk to reduce stress, whatever works for you.

 2.Think of loved ones

Thinking of your own health is a good incentive, but it’s your own body and you can mistreat it if you want. But what about your loved ones? Don’t your parents, friends, siblings, partner or kids deserve to have you around?

3. Think of your vanity

One of the greatest myths about conventional smoking is that it makes you thinner: In fact, it’s good to remember the aesthetic side effects of smoking, including wrinkles, stained teeth and a change in body shape (for the worse).

4. Remember the 6-week rule

This is good to know: According to The Power of Habit, it takes about 6 weeks to make or break a new habit. So if you make it past the first 6 weeks, you’re over the hump.

5. Don’t give up giving up!

If you cave and have a smoke, don’t resume smoking properly! Focus on the hours you spent without cigarettes instead.

6. Find someone to quit with

A problem shares is a problem halved and it always helps to have a brother or sister in arms.

7. Don’t go cold turkey

Conquering the habit is one thing, but your body will still crave the drug once it’s gone. Don’t deprive yourself of nicotine in the first crucial few weeks. Have a read about VIP E-cigs and see if they’re for you.

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