A Basic Guide to Ohm's Law

For us vapers out there, we are constantly using laws and equations (sometimes without even realising it!). Even a simple blend at home recipe uses ratios or percentages to ensure the correct balance of e cig liquid is used to create the flavour that is required. As far as Ohm’s Law goes, it is something that most vapers will require knowledge of at some point. The Ohm’s Law will help you on your way to safe vaping and allow you to enjoy vaping all day without any fear of damaging your products or yourself in the process. This law does not only ensure your safety, but also aids you in finding what is called the sweet spot. The sweet spot is different for everyone, it is the perfect amount of heat, vapour and flavour for you. To get your perfect vaping experience and find your sweet spot, basic knowledge of Ohm’s Law is nearly always required.

What Is Ohm’s Law And How Does It Relate To Vaping?

Ohm’s Law is basically a mathematical equation: ‘current equal’s voltage divided by resistance’. This is sometimes shown as a triangle but as a mathematical equation it is shown as ‘I = V / R’. In this equation, I is for Current, V is for Voltage and R is Resistance.

I (Current) – is measured in Amps which is short for Amperes. It is the amount of electricity which is flowing through the conducting element.

V (Voltage) – is measured in Volts. Batteries are what holds the voltage and allows current to flow.

R (Resistance) – is measured in Ohms (Ω). The greater the amount of Ohms, the greater the resistance will be.

Ohm’s Law simply describes the way in which current flows through resistance when voltage is applied. Resistance can vary. The lower the resistance, the larger amount of current that is able to pass through. If the resistance is high, less current will pass through.

Where Does Wattage Come Into It?

The wattage (power) can be calculated by another equation which is Wattage = V²/R. The more power you have, the more heat will be produced which will also intensify the flavour and vapour created.

If you can grasp the basic idea of these laws you will always be safe when vaping as you will understand that the higher or lower the volts are made to go, the same will happen with the wattage and vice versa. Decrease either of these too low, and the outcome is dismal. Increase either of these too high and your coil will likely burn out or worse, your battery will be shorted out. This is why many vapers like to know the voltage of the battery and the resistance of the coils. It gives them the ability to experiment with their products and personalise their vaping experience whilst staying within safe limitations.

With sufficient knowledge of Ohm’s Law you can lower the risk of vaping and as mentioned earlier, find that beautiful sweet spot. Most people tend to find that this is somewhere between 3.6V and 4.8V although, as noted, it is unique to everyone.

Sub Ohming

Sub Ohming is one of the current trends in vaping. If you can master it, you will open many new doors within vaping limits. If you are a new vaper, it is not recommended as it is slightly technical and can be dangerous if done wrong. What is guaranteed is the taste. Sub ohming allows you to have a far higher concentration of liquid and a fully intensified flavour as it provides a direct lung inhale. Due to this, many vapers need to drop their nicotine content. Anything above eight milligrams will no doubt knock your socks off! We advise all our customers to go for something lower than what they would usually use if sub ohming.

Is There Anything Else That Can Guide Me?

We have provided a chart which should help you on your way to that perfect vape we are all looking for. The first column, Ohms, is resistance of your coils. If you have a coil with little resistance (around 0.5) stick with the top three boxes or high resistance (around 1.2) stick with the bottom three. Next, look at the percentage of vegetable glycerine within your e-liquid (this will be on the bottle and/or packaging) and choose the relevant box. Finally, go across to the wattage section and this will tell you the minimum and maximum wattage which you should be using. Somewhere within these boundaries will be where you achieve a flavour which is perfect for you, this is your sweet spot.

Ohm (Ω) VG (%) Wattage (max)
0.5 80 – 100 15 – 40
 (Direct 50 – 70 15 – 50
 Lung Inhale) 20 – 40 15 – 60
1.2 80 – 100 10 – 18
 (Mouth to 50 – 70 10 – 22
 Lung Inhale) 20 – 40 10 – 26

Still Struggling To Use The Ohm’s Law?

If you are still struggling to use Ohm’s Law, there’s no need to worry. There are loads of websites out there which have a calculator to save you the hassle. Although this is an option, we do advise you to at least familiarise yourself with Ohm’s Law as it really does help to avoid dangerous vaping.

Some websites also say that if you have a good understanding of Ohm’s Law, it is fine to try and build your own coils. It is your choice to do so if you feel capable, although VIP never advise this. Doing so will affect your warranty with almost all companies and, if done incorrectly, can have disastrous consequences. We offer coils at an affordable price and ensure that there is sufficient information on coil resistance and safety on our product page.

Hopefully you will now have the basic knowledge to confidently choose your products and understand just how far you can push their limits. Whilst remaining safe, use these tools to experiment, find your perfect vape and make a vaping experience which is personal and exclusive to you.

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