A Christmas Gift for a loved one: 4 reasons VIP E-cigs are the perfect solution


VIP E-cigs make an ideal Christmas gift. They do everything that a gift should do: They remind your loved one that they’re special; they’re distinctive and original; and it’s a rare gift that you’re guaranteed the recipient will want.

Let’s take a look at the reasons to buy VIP E-cigs for someone special…

The Romantic Gift

You can use it to flatter them as well as save them. A VIP E-cigs Christmas Gift (and maybe your card) could say “I love you and I want you to stick around,” “You’re almost perfect…” or “This is a gift for both of us”.

The Economic Gift

Less romantic, but just as important, using VIP Electronic Cigarettes is roughly 80% cheaper than their smoky equivalent. Think about the nearly €10 (per pack!) they pay to stink up their clothes and your space. And maybe – just maybe – the next time they mention money, you could bring up how much cash you’re saving them. (We’ll leave the phrasing to your discretion.)

The Selfish Gift

The health benefits of changing from conventional to electronic cigarettes are well documented, but at the risk of seeming shallow, old fashioned smoking is also bad for your appearance. Conventional cigarettes not only stink, but they also stain teeth and wrinkle skin. Let us help you to keep your partner beautiful. We’re not here to judge!

The Practical Gift

It’s hard to know what to buy someone, but it’s relatively easy to get something for smokers. Why? Because they don’t want to be smokers and you don’t want them to. Unlike say, fragrances, boxer shorts, posh soaps, or any other last-minute scrambled-together present, VIP E-cigs are a rare occasion where the giver and receiver are on the same page. It’s a self-improvement gift that they’ll love and that doesn’t criticise the partner’s weight, dress sense or personal hygiene.

Where and how to buy

If you would like to switch to vaping – just like some celebrities – then get in touch.

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