Are E-Cigarettes the new Celebrity Trend?

We’ve touched upon this before, but it’s worth going back to as the trend continues – A-list celebrities love vaping, and the numbers of movie stars, TV stars and especially musicians making the switch to e-cigarettes keeps on growing.

Previously we mentioned the early adopters like Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp and Simon Cowell.

The increase of celebrities using E-Cigarettes

But since then, we’ve seen that e-cigarettes have been embraced by John Cusack (who has vaped in numerous films), Charlie Sheen, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dennis Quaid.

On the musical side, Tom Petty is also on the growing list of singers who’ve made the switch, along with Katy Perry, Christina Milian and Pharrell. Uptown Funk singer Bruno Mars promised his mother that he would quit conventional cigarettes, and now has switched to vaping. (We’ve previously talked about Shaun Ryder and Barry Manilow embracing e-cigarettes too.)

Petty told Parade magazine, “It gives you a shot of nicotine and steam. I’m using these to edge off the smoking.”

The Heartbreakers front man, who is now 59, says that his age is one of the reasons he’s making healthier lifestyle choices now: “It’s just part of getting older and realising you have to straighten up.”

Indeed, for older musicians, vaping seems to have been a part of an overall different lifestyle. Eternal rocker Ronnie Wood has made the switch, as has legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Celebrities getting healthy

David Curcurito, in his profile piece about Eddie Van Halen for Esquire, describes the guitarist now that he’s booze, drug and cigarette free. “I have to say, he is the healthiest fifty-seven-year-old I’ve ever seen. He looks young and vital and happy, lean and muscled, and his playing has never been better. So the news he’s just broken of the recent revenge of the cancer makes no sense to me, and at the same time makes his appearance, this tour, this band, all the more miraculous.”

Carol Harrison, the singer and actress best known for playing Louise in Eastenders has switched to vaping after trying to quit smoking for decades. She said: “When I have one in my hand it now feels like I’m holding a real cigarette, which psychologically seems to help…I have finally quit those last 10 a day and I feel my breathing has improved. It has been a life-changing experience.”

Harrison is even considering returning to musicals: “As for my voice, it seems to be shaping up fine. I’ve just written a musical set in the Mod era and I play a part in it – so let’s hope my voice stays that way.”

While it’s still a relatively new phenomenon, vaping has made a huge impact on not on Hollywood stars but even us mere mortals. A new study from the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) has found that 134,000 people are vaping in Ireland alone!  It is great to see celebrities speaking openly about the benefits of e-cigarettes and how their lives have changed for the better as a result of vaping. 


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