Beginner’s Guide to Vaping

VIP Starter Kits make great Christmas gifts, and this time of year is a very common time for smokers to switch over to vaping. But a change in lifestyle – even a hugely positive one – brings its share of questions and adjustments.

So where do you start? Making the switch is as easy as using a toothpick and our beginner’s guide to vaping will set you on the right track!

Beginner’s Guide to Vaping: How do I use it?

VIP products are useable straight from the pack. The battery will be charged 60% and once you remove the wrapping, simply inhale as you would from a traditional cigarette. No lighter or matches required!


What will it smell like?

Simply put, it will smell like whatever you want it to smell like. Nothing burns, so there’s no smoke smell. Instead, it’s a flavoured vapour.

There are dozens of flavours to choose from, whether you want your E-Cig to smell like coffee, blueberry, or traditional cigarettes. Indeed, if you miss the flavour or smell of your old smokes, an E-Cig can even mimic a UK or American flavour of traditional cigarettes.


Why should I do it?

It’s cheaper, for a start. This article in New Republic does a cost comparison and finds that vaping is far cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the long run. (And that’s based in America, where brand name cigarettes are about €5 a pack!) There are health benefits too, according to a number of studies it’s an effective tool for ditching cigarettes, and even the American Heart Association endorses vaping. And, as we mentioned, your clothes and breath will smell better.


What’s the latest news on vaping?


Vaping has been one of the most popular subjects for news media in 2014, with countless opinion pieces, news stories, and even celebrity stories on the practice

There’s been a major TV ad campaign that got tongues wagging and, as we mentioned before, “Vape” is the Oxford Online Dictionary Word of the Year for 2014..


Who else is doing it?

Some feel self-conscious when using a new technology, but there’s no need to feel that way: If you’re a smoker or have friends who smoke, there’s every chance you know someone who’s made the switch already.

After all, sales of vaping products have rocketed in this country by 500% this past year and you can expect even more to make the switch after Christmas and in the New Year. And the practice has been embraced by everyone from Katherine Heigl and Leonardo di Caprio to professional singers like Cheryl Cole and Katie Perry.



What’s the etiquette?

We have more detail on this subject in a previous blog, but the simplest thing to do is ask before you vape. Feel free to explain that it won’t smell like a traditional cigarette and won’t generate smoke and hopefully people will understand. Of course, even though vaping is not smoking, you can always vape in the designated smoking area, should you want to.

How do I get refills?

You can easily stock up on VIP products on this very site, or from one of our many stockists nationwide.

Whether you’re a beginner yourself or buying for a loved one, the best place to start is with a VIP E-cigarette starter kit.  The starter kit is perfect for those new to the world of vaping.

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