Celebs ❤ e-Cigarettes


Did you know that it’s not just your “ordinary Joe” that loves e-cigarettes and vaping? Nope, not at all…celebs love ‘em too!

Here is a low-down on our favourite celebrities who love to vape…

1. Leonardo Di Caprio

Leondaro DiCaprio is a celebrity who has been trying to kick his smoking habit for many years. However, in recent months, he has been spotted engaging in a spot of vaping…

2. Robert Pattinson

It’s true, the Twilight heart-throb Robert Pattinson has been spotted vaping in the last few months, after it was reported that Leonardo converted him.

3. Lindsey Lohan

Often at the centre of bad publicity, for once Lindsey was photographed doing something less harmful to her health than usual. She was spotted vaping during her house arrest for probation violation.

4. Johnny Depp

The gloriously handsome Johnny Depp sucked on an e-cigarette during the film “The Tourist.”

5. Cheryl Cole

The Geordie beauty (indeed all the Girls Aloud girls) have all been papped vaping.

6. Zayn Malik

Yes, even the gorgeous One Directioner, Zayn Malik has been spotted sucking on the increasingly popular e-cigarette…

7. Kate Moss

Kate Moss is another big fan of e-cigarettes. Even when she was on holidays in Spain, she missed them so much that she called home to get a courier to bring her favourite e-cigarettes all the way from the UK…and paying more than £1300 for it!

Having you seen any other celebrities engaging in a spot of vaping?


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