Deborah made the switch to VIP e-cigarettes


We know first-hand how hard it is to quit smoking and we have much respect for people who are able to give up the habit.

To succeed in making the switch to e-cigarettes, everybody needs a success story to give them a boost. That’s why we asked one of our customers, Deborah, to share her story about making the switch to vaping.

E-cigarettes gave Deborah another option

Deborah, now an ex-smoker, told us last week that she decided to give up smoking upon learning she was pregnant two years ago. She was able to abstain from smoking while pregnant but once she had given birth, the cravings began to return.

She didn’t want to resume being a smoker because having a child had changed her outlook: she didn’t want her child to breathe the second-hand smoke or the toxins from cigarettes. She also didn’t want her child to associate the smell of cigarettes with her mother.

But Deborah still enjoyed the ritual that accompanied smoking: getting some time alone outside, the inhaling and exhaling and the comfort of holding a cigarette in her hand.

“I go outside, have a few minutes to myself….and a nicotine hit. But when I come back inside I can play with my daughter without worrying about harmful second hand smoke clinging to my clothes and hair.”  

Beating the cravings with e-cigarettes

Deborah now uses VIP e-cigarettes to replace the cravings that she gets for a cigarette in the evening:

“When I’m having a craving in the evening, and I really don’t want to spend all night smelling disgusting – they’re great for beating that craving…”

Vaping and e-cigarettes are great for nights out too and when Deborah goes out, she takes her e-cigarette with her as does one of her friends:

“…we went out together after New Year’s and were both relieved the other wouldn’t be going out for smokes every half an hour.”

Deborah loves being an ex-smoker and is delighted she made the switch to e-cigarettes for her and her family. She would recommend them to anyone looking for a healthier alternative to smoking and the savings are also fantastic. Deborah spent at least €500 on cigarettes per year. The cost of e-cigarettes is around 80% cheaper than normal cigarettes so that’s a decent saving for Deborah and her family. So what will she do with the money she saves?

“Who knows…the world is my oyster!”

Do you want to make the switch to e-cigarettes?

For more ideas on how to spend the money you will save, we have compiled a handy list of amazing things you could do with your savings.

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