Do E-Cigarettes help people STOP SMOKING ?

There is growing evidence from around the world that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking.  In the UK, studies that looked at e-cigarette use and smoking cessation across the population estimated that e-cigarettes help and additional 50,000 quit attempts per year.  This is a huge achievement as it is 50,000 extra quitters than there would be if Vaping was nor around.

We have great evidence which shows us that e-cigarettes combined with behavioural support are very effective in helping smokers QUIT.  There was a big study conducted in 2019 and it showed us that Vaping is 60% more effective than NRT (Patches, Gum). 

(image courtesy of Cancer Research UK)

Smoking is still the largest preventable cause of cancer and is linked to 15 different types.  Supporting smokers to QUIT is a really important cancer prevention priority.  Vaping can help smokers QUIT and here at VIP Vaping we are here to help people make that switch.

The figures tell the real truth, in Ireland there are over 250,000 people who use e-cigarettes and in the UK it is 3.2 million people.  The ex-smokers turned vapers have made the best decision for their health.  If you Vape and no longer smoke then well done to you and if you still smoke, it might be worth considering Vaping to help you QUIT.

Hale is Ireland’s premier vaping retailer staffed with over 50 Smoking cessation therapists, there is always someone to help you on your journey to quitting. Drop into see us in any of 75+ stores around the country to get you on the way.

Make the change, today.

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