E Cigarettes for the new year and the new you

We all know how hard it is to break a habit and probably the hardest one to break is smoking. Most smokers will try to stop smoking in the New Year and they will try many various ways to do this. From patches, self help books, cold turkey and electronic cigarettes. Recent studies have shown that you are 3 times more likely to stop smoking by switching to e cigs than using NRT products, what does this tell us, that if you want to give yourself the best chance to stop smoking then why not try e cigs. Check our e cigarette starter kits

There are many stories in the media these days saying that vaping is more harmful to you than smoking and that we do not know enough about e cigarettes and what is in them. Well we actually do have these answers and only recently Public Health England published a report and study showing that electronic cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than smoking, surely this must be a good thing. We at VIP pride ourselves on having our e liquid tested and ensuring you know that what it says on the product is actually what is in the product. A study in 2010 showed that 84% of smokers felt that e cigarettes were safer than smoking but only last year a similar study showed that this number had dropped to 63% due to the many false reports in the media.

There are many experts in the nicotine field who advocate for e cigs and do so based on the evidence that they have in front of them. Recently Professor Michael Siegel of Boston University stated “All conclusive evidence shows that these are safer, so why aren’t we encouraging smokers to make the shift? If we did, we’d be saving millions of lives and talking about the greatest public health moment of our generation.”


If you are a smoker and are looking for a way to help you cut down, stop smoking then surely e cigarettes are a choice that must be explored. Last week in the British Parliament the Prime Minister David Cameron, when asked about e cigarettes, this is what he had to say “

E cigarette - E cig - electronic cigarette

David Cameron on E cigarettes or E cigs


Overall there are many reports and studies which have shown that E cigs are 95% less harmful than smoking and many experts in this field who suggest that electronic cigarettes can save many lives of smokers who are alive today. Surely this information should be given to every smoker, let them try different vaping products and then decide if it is for them or not.



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