E-Cigarettes in Ireland: The Vaping Community

You are not alone in the Vaping Community

Even though vaping continues to rise while conventional smoking is on the decline (including in Ireland) it’s still seen by some as a niche pursuit. And despite the fact that thousands of people have made the switch, you can still feel alone if there’s nobody in your circle who vapes. You may not realise that there is a vaping community and it is thriving worldwide.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve already discussed the vaping community, both online and in the real world, both in Ireland and abroad, and we’d like to talk about ways you can meet these fellow vapers and maybe even plan a fun holiday around it.

The online vaping community

First up, the vaping community online is enormous, varied and rich. Reddit has a massive 

page devoted entirely to the subject, and it’s home to news, rigorous debate and support and advice for newcomers and veterans alike. Like all of the most popular Reddit pages, it’s divided into sub-categories of “new”, “hot”, “popular” and “controversial” discussions.

Closer to home, Boards.ie has an extensive page of forums on the subject of vaping, with mostly Irish contributors. Recent topics include product reviews, where to buy, vaping etiquette and local news.

Vaping Events Worldwide

If you’d like to know more about the world of vaping and meet like-minded people in real life, there are numerous events like Vape Jam UK this May, further afield there are fests like VaperSlam in scenic North Carolina in March, and VaporFair in Frankfurt in May.

And for those who don’t want to travel that far, but still want to be in the company of the vaping community, you won’t have long to wait. A UK company hopes to unveil vaping cafes across Ireland. The owners of The Vape Lab in London told The Irish Independent that they have not ruled out expansion into the Republic of Ireland in the second half of 2015.

“Firstly, we’re looking at three more stores in London. Then [in 2015] we move our attention to the rest of the UK and Ireland,” Igor Kapovsky, manager of the east London cafe and shop told The Irish Independent.

“It’s all about getting a community feel to the whole thing.”

The last time we wrote about the vaping community there were more small events scattered throughout Europe. But now it seems that vaping has entered the mainstream – while it’s good to know that there are people to talk to online about it, and an international event might be fun, it’s also reassuring that vapers don’t need these resources as much as they used to.

Hopefully you don’t feel self-conscious when vaping, but in the unlikely event that you do, the support is there if you need it.


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