E Cigs versus Vaporizers: What's the Difference?

Entering the world of vaping is exciting – it’s a totally new experience filled with a whole host of new possibilities. From custom e-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths to different coloured tips and a variety of devices, there’s so much out there to try. This also means that there can be a lot to take in, especially when choosing your first vaping device, so we’re answering a really common question we get from customers – what is the difference between the e cig and vaporizers?



  • Tobacco
  • Some fruity
  • Smaller selection
  • Easy to change


  • Tobacco
  • Large flavour range
  • Fruit, savoury & mixes
  • Can mix your own

Flavours are a big part of the vaping experience, especially if you want to switch completely to electronic cigarettes. Both e-cigs and vaporizers offer a number of different flavours; e-cigs can give you that familiar tobacco taste for something a little more ‘realistic’, as well as some exciting alternatives.

Flavour variety, though, is one of the real strengths of vaporizers thanks to the mixing of e-liquids – either done by brands, such as VIP, or by you as a user.  Refilling e-liquid in vaporizers is a little more time-consuming and requires a little more care, but it’s not too difficult so don’t be put off!

☺Size/Ease of Use


  • Small & cigarette sized
  • Easy storage
  • Familiar feel
  • Smaller battery


  • Larger; robust
  • More user control
  • Unique appearance
  • Large battery; longer use

Neither e-cigs nor vaporizers are difficult to use; we work hard at VIP to make sure that is the case. Essentially, the amount of nicotine that is delivered is pretty consistent across both devices; you do have the option to choose a nicotine strength with both cartridge refills (for e-cigs) and e-liquid refills (for vaporizers).

Vaporizers offer slightly more control (button activations; variable voltage) for advanced users, whereas e-cigs offer a really straightforward approach – connect the cartridge to the battery and get vaping. This is an ideal option for first-time vapers, too.



  • Different colours/styles
  • Custom tip lights
  • Less user customisation
  • Easy operation


  • Battery swapping
  • Liquid mixing
  • Custom strengths
  • Variable voltage

If you’re dedicated to vaping, or just love putting your own stamp on things then customisation is vital for any experience. There are always ways to make e-cigs your own, whether that’s a simple ‘cigalike’ or a vaporizer, but both have their different options.

Customising e-cigs is simple – battery changes, different coloured light tips and cartridge changing, as well as customising nicotine strength (from strong 24mg to zero 0mg). Vaporizers are a little more advanced, enabling you to mix flavours for new tastes, tailor the nicotine strength and vary voltages for the ultimate vaping experience.

✔ The Verdict

If you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, then you may find it a little easier to start with e-cigs; they’re familiar in appearance and feel, they typically cost less and it’s easier to change cartridges and flavours.

However, if you’re a slightly more experienced user, dedicated to vaping or are happy to just jump right in at the top end then our vaporizers are probably the way to go. You do have a wider range of flavours – you’ve just got to be prepared to do a little more yourself when refilling your device!

There are a number of differences between e-cigs and vaping – from flavour selection and battery life to cost and ease of use. But there’s no real ‘winner’, it just entirely depends on what you want to get out of vaping.

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