Electronic Cigarettes: A Great Smoking Alternative


When it comes to looking for a great smoking alternative, electronic cigarettes can be your best friend. In fact, electronic cigarettes have been proven to successfully aid people in their quest to give up smoking.  But before we get into the stats, let’s look at WHY someone would want to give up smoking.

Why Use e-Cigarettes?

Those who have used e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative have claimed that they have experienced less coughing and easier breathing compared to those that use regular cigarettes. As well as that they tend to bask in the absence of clean, non-smoky odours. From their non-smoking savings, they also invest in tooth-whitening, which allows them to dazzle non-stained pearly whites to their envious smoker friends. Isn’t that enough motivation in itself?

Why e-Cigarettes are a Great Smoking Alternative

So you have tried all those nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gum – they work for some people, but not everyone. What makes e-cigarettes such as VIP that little bit (or a lot!) different, is that they mimic many of the sensations of regular cigarettes – from actually holding the cigarette in your fingers, to inhaling and exhaling that smoke-like vapour, to mirroring the flavour of your favourite brand of cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes Are Great: The Proof

There are many, many studies that have taken place that prove that e-cigarettes are a great smoking alternative.

One study in particular was led by the Institute of Social and Preventative Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and was published in a leading international journal.

The study involved conducting questionnaires on a French stop-smoking website. Sites selling e-cigarettes were asked to link to the questionnaire. The respondents were questioned over a time period (the initial questionnaire, two months and then one year). Questions covered e-cigarettes usage, tobacco use and the date of quitting tobacco, if one applied.

Of more than 1000 original recruits, 367 responded to all three surveys.

The results were very positive:

–         Only 6% of those who had quit smoking already and were using e-cigarettes instead had taken up smoking again after one month.

–         22% of those who were smoking and using e-cigarettes when the study started had quit conventional smoking after a month

–         46% of those who were smoking and using e-cigarettes when the study started had quit conventional smoking after a year

Regarding the level of smoking within the sample, subjects had been smoking 11.3 cigarettes at the beginning of the study, which fell to 6 cigarettes by the end of the study.

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