Electronic cigarettes as gifts: The etiquette

An old – but thankfully fading – holiday tradition for many is the bulk-buying of duty-free cigarettes on the return journey. As a result of taxation in Ireland, duty-free is often a prime opportunity for a reduced spend on gifts of this nature, even though when travelling within the EU the savings are often non-existent.

DUBAI - MARCH 10, 2015: Dubai duty-free shopping area interior.

Duty-free cigarettes are often bought on the way home from a trip, not for the holidaymakers’ own use, but for friends or family. But what if, instead of purchasing a carton of cigarettes for these people, you took the opportunity to buy a vaping starter kit for a traditional smoker.

For those looking to make the switch from traditional smoking, or for those who have already transitioned, vaping products could be an ideal gift. If your family members or friends were to make the switch they could potentially save thousands of euro, compared to the cost of traditional smoking.

Some smokers are hesitant about the risk of paying the initial cost of a vaping kit, not realising the massive savings they make in the long run. Receiving a gift of a starter pack eliminates that burden and introduces them to a product that could be effective solution to their needs.

Here are some things to consider before buying a starter kit as gift.

Check to see if they’re ready

While thousands of people have ditched traditional cigarettes in favour of vaping, there are some who might not feel ready to make the switch to a completely new routine. Drop a hint or two to see if they might be open to considering a change. Ask if they want to quit smoking (they likely do), what methods they have tried in previous attempts to give up, and what part of the experience they think they feel would be the hardest to go without. The feel of an electronic cigarette in their fingers may be an important element of the experience that they need to keep up for now.

If you know someone who has already made the switch, they could share positives of their transition from traditional smoking and give some pointers that they wish they had when they first made the move. This might include the number of refills they bought, or the kit that they found the easiest to use.

Find out what kind of kit and flavour they’d like

We’ve mentioned before that vaping can be adapted to any taste or style, so take a quick look at their preferred brand and flavour and buy the right replacement refill pack, whether it’s American style, British or menthol. Choosing the flavour most familiar to their traditional smoking habit could assist with the recipient’s switch.

If you wanted to add some novelty to the gift, you could also include some refills that offer a fruity or savoury sensation. There’s even a coffee flavour available for those who traditionally smoke and enjoy a coffee at the same time. If they have a sweet tooth, find out what their preferred treats are and pick a flavour to match.

Read up on ‘how to’ guides and ‘where to vape’ information

Check out the instructions and Q&As on this site before you hand over the gift, to prepare yourself for the inevitable questions. Look into the direct benefits of vaping; the money saved, the health benefits, the range of places where they can enjoy their e-cigarette: There might be a café, restaurant or pub nearby that allows it indoors. The more you know, the more you can help.


Be sure to point the recipient to our site, where they can find the latest helpful tips, information on new products and industry news.  We wish you the best with your purchasing experience. Hopefully you’ll help change someone’s life for the better – and you won’t have to carry large cartons of old-school cigarettes through airports anymore!

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