Electronic Cigarettes - Miracle or Menace

There are so many different views on electronic cigarettes and a lot of it is unfounded and not proven.  Recently on BBC, Dr Michael Mosley presented a factual study on e cigarettes for the Horizon programme.  You can view the whole programme in the link below.


VIP has looked over the content of the programme, here are some of the main points and quotes from the studies carried out by Dr. Mosley.

  • Of the 3 groups trying to stop smoking, 1 group tried cold turkey, 1 group tried NRT products and 1 group used ecigs to try stop smoking. The study showed that cold turkey was a low result to quitting and that NRT and E Cigarettes were similar in results – 7 out of 8 had stopped smoking.
  • Test showed vaping did not impair blood vessel cell repair over 21 days. It shows that vaping does not impair the body repairing itself where smoking does
  • Compared to tobacco cigarette smoke, e cigarettes have at least 99% less harmful toxins in second hand emissions
  • Nicotine levels in the bodies of the e cigarette users was half what it was when compared to when they smoked
  • Non smokers should not take up vaping but smokers should give it a go
  • “These could transform the world’s health”

These facts are so positive for any smokers who are worried about e cigarettes, the outcome really emphasises that e cigs are a product that smokers should consider when trying to stop smoking.

There are many experts in the medical world who have had their say on e cigarettes and they answer some vital questions below.

Prof. John Britton, Chairperson, Tobacco Advisory Group, Royal College of Physicians UK states “If all smokers in Britain were to stop smoking and take up e cigarettes we would save 5 million deaths of people who are alive today, it is a massive public health prize”

Dr K. Farsalinos, Cardiac Consultant states “Nicotine does not cause Heart Disease or Cancer”   

Dr Robert West, Director of Tobacco Studies, University College London states “The risks are negligible and compared to smoking, there is no contest”.  He also states “E Cigarettes are probably about as safe as drinking coffee”.

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