How Do You Refill an Electronic Cigarette?

Refilling an Electronic Cigarette

Below are the steps acquired to refill an electronic cigarette. Be sure to read the instruction manual before using any product:

  1. Open the clearomizer from the packet and take it out.
  2. Unscrew the metal base by twisting it in an anti clockwise direction until it is fully separated from the plastic part.
  3.  Take a bottle of VIP E Liquid – only approved e liquids can be used in the products as liquids that are not specifically approved by the manufacturer may result in damage to the hardware.
  4. Remove the lid of the liquid by pressing down on the lid and turning it anti clockwise – this will release the child proof lock on the bottle.
  5.  Take the plastic part of the clearomizer and hold it so the mouth piece is facing the floor.
  6. Take the bottle of e liquid in your other hand and hold the clearomizer at a 45 degree angle.
  7.  Insert the bottle nozzle inside the clearomizer and slightly press the sides of the bottle and let the e liquid drip down the inside wall of the clearomizer – you need to be careful not to get any of the liquid inside the central air tube.
  8.   Once the liquid reaches the 0.8ml mark stop pouring, hold the clearomizer straight and make sure not to overfill the liquid over the stated mark.
  9. Take the metal base and place it back on top of the plastic part. Screw it in a clockwise direction until it cannot be turned any further but make sure not to tighten the base too tight.
  10. Turn the clearomizer around and place it back onto your battery – please ensure you do not tighten the top too tight to the battery.
  11. Let the clearomizer stand for about 10 minutes to ensure the liquid penetrates the clearomizer – this will ensure your clearomizer will be primed and ready to use.

Remember that VIP have different products which are very simple to use and the refills you buy with it just need to be screwed into the battery and you vape away.  They require no filling and there is approx 30-40 cigarettes in each refill.

Additionally, our Photon Tank Kit also requires you to fill the liquid yourself into the clearomizer.  This may sound daunting but it is actually quite simple.  

Once you have learned how to refill an e cigarette, the next step is to prime it:

How to Prime an E Cigarette?

To prime the clearomizer, after you fill it, let it stand for 10-15 minutes and this will ensure the liquid penetrates the coil inside.  Connect the clearomizer to the battery and dry vape 3 to 4 times (inhale without pressing the power button).  The clearomizer is now ready to be used.  You must follow this procedure each time you use a new clearomizer or change a coil.  

Please note that if you are getting a strange metallic taste in your mouth when you vape, it is very likely that the clearomizer was not primed properly, according to the instructions.  Never allow the e liquid to drop too low as this will cause your clearomizer to get damaged and can also cause the metallic taste.

Each clearomizer or coil needs to be changed about every 21 days, and every time a new clearomizer or coil is opened you must follow the priming process again.

NOTE: Please avoid carrying your kit in tight spaces, in your pocket or handbag as this can cause damage to the product as will letting it fall.  You just need to keep it safe and ensure you follow the instructions given.

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