How Vaping Saves You Money

The health benefits of ditching cigarettes have been widely discussed, from academic studies to countless anecdotal accounts. For a start, smoking causes over 100,000 deaths a year in the UK alone.

So we know what happens to your lungs and other organs when you finally ditch cigarettes. But what happens to your wallet?

A packet of cigarettes in Ireland now costs just about €10; or 50cents a cigarette. So a moderate smoker on ten cigarettes a day is burning the equivalent of a fiver every single day.

Vaping saves you money! A VIP Cartomizer costs lasts approximately 300 puffs, which is 35-50 traditional cigarettes and works out at about 80% cheaper than traditional cigarettes. So if, like most Irish smokers, you consume an average of over 10 a day, switching to vaping would save you about €4 a day.  Here’s how much money you’d save in the longer term by switching to vaping. We’ve separated it into indulgent and practical uses for the money you’ll save…

After one week

€28, enough for a cheap flight abroad, a night in a B&B, a mid-price lunch for two, two good bottles of wine (or one great one), a mid-price videogame, takeaway for two, two books, or a shoulder massage.

Or if you’re feeling virtuous, you could use it for… an exercise class; a yoga session; a brief session with a personal trainer; a slow cooker; a healthy cookbook.

After one month

€120 (30 x €4) would give you more options for a flight abroad; a night for two in a hotel; a new shirt, jacket or top; dinner for two in a mid-price restaurant (including wine!); a designer dress; a year-long subscription for the music streaming service Spotify.

Or if you’re feeling virtuous… a top of the line pair of runners; running clothes (all-weather shorts and a top); gym membership; or a healthy cooking course.

After one year

€1,460 would get you a high-end computer (Mac or PC), a new wardrobe of clothes, a cheap car, an iPad (with a few hundred euro change) an Xbox One or Playstation 4 (with €1000 leftover for games and subscriptions); a tailored suit; a luxury all expenses-paid cruise; a weekend for two in New York (flight and accommodation).

Or if you’re feeling virtuous, you could use it for… your mortgage or rent paid for at least a month; an exercise bike; or two good quality bicycles.

After ten years

€14,600 would get you a brand new car; a wedding with 50 guests; or a trip around the world.

Or if you’re feeling virtuous, you could use it for…the beginnings of a pension; a down payment on a house; renovation of a room in your house; or save it for a family emergency.

We recommend you put the money you’d save aside using direct debit – after a few minutes online or on the phone; you can just sit back and watch that money accumulate in your account. You can use it to better yourself or indulge yourself, it’s your choice.

Your choice, your change

Vaping will change how you feel, look and even smell in the New Year. All of this and you’ll have a few more coins in your pocket. Enjoy the change!


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