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With any innovation, there’s often a fear of sticking out: Do you feel self-conscious vaping? Are you the only one in your circle of friends who vapes? Would you like to meet other vapers online?

As we spoke about previously, there’s a growing vaping community, both online and offline; both Irish and international; consisting of regular folks and A-list celebrities.

For conversations on the topic, discussing everything from basic vaping FAQs to EU regulations to trading ideas (and even products), make your way over to this corner of

This Irish vaping forum has discussions ranging from the relatively straightforward help desks such as “where to buy” (boasting over 1,000 replies); to sales, swaps and bargains (with hundreds of voices chiming in on the discussion) and even flavour reviews.

Meeting other vapers

If you want to get out and meet other vapers face to face, the Facebook group Vapefest Ireland has announced that they’ll be having another get together in October/November this year with more news on the event to emerge in coming weeks. The Facebook group has over 600 members already and is growing every day, so you can join right now and talk to other Irish vapers in your neighbourhood.

You can even work a vaping event into a weekend break – there are countless events happening across the UK which you can read about here. One such vaping event is taking place in scenic York in late July, for example. And the site even has threads for car-sharing and advice on accommodation.

World Vaping Day

If you want to meet other vapers in Europe, or just talk to them online, the World Vaping Day site is set up by various community groups and has details for many European vaping events. If you’ve never been to the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Greece, Northern Ireland or Spain, this might be a good time.

World Vaping Day this year is in September, so there’s still plenty of time to get organised. Or you could do it the other way around – if you’ve got a holiday planned, you might want to check out local vaping groups in the area beforehand.

International vaping communities

For an even more international flavour, but this time without leaving the house, the American Reddit vaping page is updated many times a day and has an abundance of warm, helpful discussions on vaping. We especially like this thread about a husband and wife who have ditched analogue cigarettes in favour of vaping for the sake of their child.

And this thread in particular (apart from being the nicest online forum you’ll have the pleasure to read) is filled with testimonies from vapers who are helping out an inquisitive journalist.

Another nice international site is the e-cigarette forum, which has everything from the basics to the more specialist discussions and even has a thread for those who vape but haven’t fully quit traditional cigarettes. The American Vapor Talk site is also bursting with events, discussions and resources. It’s especially welcoming to new members.

Get your vaping news on the go

If you think you might be too busy to read these sites, you can get your vaping news on the go: Check out the podcast and website, Vapers’ Place. And blogs like this one are informal, communicative places to get the history of vaping, news, forums, videos and events. There are even testimonials and life stories from former traditional smokers who’ve successfully switched over to vaping.

Remember, vaping is not just for celebrities (though they do it too); almost 7% of Irish smokers have already made the switch, so there’s no need to feel alone. Check out the forums and events and don’t be shy about asking any questions you might have.


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