Questions to Ask When Choosing an E-Cig

VIP’s aim is to provide a suitable long term alternative to smoking which offers the similar sensation and taste of a regular cigarette without the nasty side effects.  Extensive research and feedback obtained from smokers was used to assist in the development of VIP Electronic Cigarette.  The ingenious e-cigarette is an alternative designed by smokers to meet the need of smokers.  The device is the most realistic smoking alternative available.  Our E-Cigarette starter kit and Photon tank options offer a higher volume of vapour and smoother taste compared to other brands.

What is the best E-Cigarette?

You can choose between the VIP E-Cigarette and the VIP Tank Kit option when deciding on which starter kit to purchase.  It is a personal choice, but we can provide you with our experience to help you decide.  

For first time users, we believe the e-cigarette with refills is more practical.  It is a simple kit which requires virtually no maintenance aside from replacing the refills and parts that have worn out.  The VIP E-Cigarette is very cost effective compared to smoking and we also provide regular discounts on our products to give you even better savings.  We would recommend using our e-cigarette kit for a minimum of 2 to 3 months before upgrading to a another model. This will give you time to adapt to vaping and to understand how it all works.

When to use the Photon Tank kit

Consider asking yourself these questions when deciding when it’s time to use the Photon Tank kit:

  • Are you an existing e-cigarette user?
  • Have you used our e-cigarette kit for 2 to 3 months?
  • Are you confident to use the kit and refill with e-liquid?
  • Do you smoke more than 20 a day and need a stronger vape?

If you have answered “YES” to most of the above then you should consider trying the Photon Tank Kit.

Which E-Cigarette is the Safest?

E-cigarettes have been around for a few years now and this year will see regulation coming into effect in this industry.  This is welcomed by VIP as the products do need to be tested to ensure quality to the customer.  

The exceptional ingredients and flavourings that we use are exclusively blended for the VIP brand.  Only a handful of companies have the capability to produce exclusive brand flavours.  Considering you are inhaling vapour into your body it pays to go with the best company where quality and safety are concerned.  VIP is at the forefront of innovation in the market and we have all our products tested and screened to ensure the customer of our quality and to assure them of the safety of our products.

When deciding on purchasing an e-cigarette you should make sure that the brand or company that you are buying from has their products tested.  There are a lot of e-cigarettes on the market that are not tested and could be harmful to people.  VIP would urge people to do some research on the brand you are thinking about buying and ask questions.  VIP’s products are regulated and tested so we are fully confident in what we are selling to the public.  We can offer you some of the best products on the market and you can be assured of our quality.  

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