Quit Smoking Together

Quit Smoking Together: The Benefits

Friends, family members, and significant others have a big role to play in helping a person quit smoking. People who feel supported are more likely to quit smoking for good.

A recent study has found that good healthy habits rub off on your partner. Having surveyed over 3,000 married couples over 50, they discovered that when one half of a couple exercises more, eats healthier or smokes less, the other half follows often suit.

That’s why we suggest introducing your partner to e-cigarettes and trying to quit smoking together. It might seem more practical than romantic, but what’s more lovely than telling your partner you want them to live longer? And you can customise the gift to their tastes (in both aesthetic ways and in ways to suit their palate).

So, going back to the survey, it was carried out by researchers in University College London, and the results were very heartening…

  • If their partner lost weight 36% of women and 26% of men also lost weight, compared to 15% of women and 10% of men if their partner did not lose weight.
  • If their partner became more physically active 66% of women and 67% of men also became more physically active, compared to 24% of women and 26% of men becoming more active if their partner remained inactive.
  • And (most encouragingly) if their partner stopped smoking 50% of women and 48% of men stopped smoking also, compared to only 8% stopping smoking if their partner kept smoking.

Tips for Quitting Smoking

Helping your partner to make the change and trying to quit smoking together is a delicate procedure. You obviously want the best for them, but you don’t want to criticise or nag. Apart from encouraging them to switch to vaping, there are other tips you can follow.

This article on the Brown University website has some nice tips, these include…

  • Tell your friend or partner that you think she can make it this time – even if they have tried to quit before and failed. In fact, most smokers have to “practice” quitting a few times before they quit for good.
  • For the first few days after the smoker quits, be ready to help. They may want to talk all the time or they may just want extra help when a tough situation comes up, like a coffee break, a party or after a meal.
  • Offer to call or visit to check on how they are doing. Ask how they’re feeling, not just whether or not they’re still not smoking.
  • No nagging, scolding or preaching – this just does not work. Instead, let them know how much you admire them for trying to quit.

So as you can see, there are ways to help your partner quit cigarettes and vaping is just one of them.

Vaping as a Valentine’s, Birthday or Christmas Gift is more than just a practical, clinical present- It shows that you love them and you want them to be in your life for as long as possible. (However, in some cases we would also recommend an additional gift too – We’ll leave that up to your discretion!)

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