Quitting smoking with E-cigarettes: Sarah's story part 3

Quitting smoking with e-cigarettes has become something many of our customers are doing.  Many  have told us that they prefer using an e-cigarette because it simulates the action of smoking yet contains no tobacco.

In a previous post we examined a recent study which shows that e-cigarettes are the most successful over-the-counter quitting aid on the market.  Quitting smoking with e-cigarettes can be very successful, however there are certain situations where not smoking is still a challenge.

Quitting Smoking in Social Situations

Sarah is quitting smoking with e-cigarettes. In part 3 of her video diary, she is worried that being out on a work night out will affect her no-smoking achievement.  A recent article by SpunOut.ie connects social smoking to situations where alcohol is being consumed:

‘Drinking leads to a loss of inhibitions, so you may find yourself reaching for a cigarette then’

When quitting smoking you will  face many situations where suppressing  a craving will be difficult. Professor West  conducted a study on smokers and results found that that many daily smokers report very strong situational cravings. This may be when they are consuming alcohol or just out with friends who smoke.

These situations make it extremely difficult for smokers to suppress their cravings and this is the challenge Sarah is facing this week. The e-cigarette has helped Sarah in similar situations so far but will it be enough tonight?

 Switching to e-cigarettes

Watch Switching to E-Cigarettes:Sarah’s story Part 2

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