Smoking Rates Decrease due to Introduction of Cigarettes

England Have Finally Achieved the Lowest Smoking Rates on Record!!!

It’s been all over the news… Public Health England have confirmed that smoking rates have fallen to the lowest ever on record. What’s more, experts claim that the decrease could be partly due to the availability of vaping products and the ecigarette. More than a million people said that they had opted to vape as a method of quitting smoking and in total, out of the 2.5 million smokers who attempted to quit via various methods, a fifth were successful. Well done to all those successful EX smokers!

Articles currently in the press seem to suggest the same ideas as the experts – that e-cigs are leading the way in the aid of smoking cessation. Although vaping products are not recognised as a successful method of quitting smoking, the BBC have confirmed ‘prescriptions for smoking cessation aids, such as patches and gum have gone down, while sales of e-cigarettes have gone up’. In fact, sales of vaping products have been continuously on the rise since they first went on sale in the UK back in 2007. Now, in 2016, they are used by almost 3 million people. Professor Linda Bauld, of Cancer Research UK, says  ‘The British public have voted with their feet and are choosing to use e-cigarettes. This is a positive choice, and we should promote it’.

So there you have it, even more facts and expert opinions to help you make a well informed choice and to encourage more and more smokers to quit. If you can’t go cold turkey,  then e cigarettes are definitely worth trying – grab some vaping supplies and make the change of a lifetime!

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