The Age Profile of Vapers

As we recently discussed, vaping has been widely embraced by Irish former smokers and smokers who want to quit. Furthermore, it has become  increasingly more socially acceptable, with huge awareness among former smokers and never-smokers alike.

Once question we have often heard asked is:

“What age is a typical vaper?”

Unsurprisingly, it’s the young adults that are the early adopters of a new technology, but in the case of vaping the numbers are quite evenly spread. According to a recent survey by The Irish Cancer Society, the biggest segment of current vapers (27%), are in the 25-34 age group.

There’s no one dominant age demographic for vaping use, although, with 23% aged 35-44, 25% between 45 and 55, and 19% over the age of 55. (Don’t forget, vaping is for over-18s only.)

Gender-wise, it’s almost a 60/40 split, but more men are taking it up than women, perhaps this is because men are often the first to embrace a new technology, “boys and their toys”and so forth. Vapers in Ireland are 62% male and 38% female at this current moment.

At the moment, most vaping takes place in Dublin (48%) but as awareness of vaping increasing every day and a staggering number of smokers in this country planning to make the switch, we expect those numbers to start to even out in coming months and years. (Of those surveyed who say they’re considering vaping, 70% are current smokers who want to quit.)

How is it looking outside of Ireland?

Well in the United States, the average age of a vaper is someone in their early 40s with 74% between 22 and 44. What’s more, contrary to popular belief, the most popular flavour in that age group is a fruit flavour (dismantling the cynical argument that it’s aimed at young people and adolescents).

Casting the net further, a survey of 33 countries (72% of which are European) found that the average age of vapers was 43 years old.

So what to make of these numbers? Well, Irish vapers are younger on average than their international counterparts. This could be because we were the first country in the world to embrace the smoking ban, or it could be that we’re generally quite a tech-savvy nation. Also, every survey we have mentioned so far has listed word of mouth as the most popular way to discover vaping and as we all know, in a small island nation word of mouth is quite powerful in Ireland.

The beauty of these surveys is that they are constantly changing. However,  in just about every one, the vaping usage numbers are rising: Vaping has increased exponentially worldwide and in Ireland over the past few years, so chances are we’ll be seeing bigger numbers in every new survey.


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