The best way to quit smoking: Sarah’s Story Part 7

“It’s not gonna happen overnight, but it is possible”

The Irish Cancer Society has recently said that e-cigarettes “may be a reasonable option” for people who have not been able to quit smoking after trying other methods such as counselling and nicotine patches.

However, Sarah, who has been vaping 3 months now, certainly doesn’t see e-cigarettes as a last resort for quitting smoking and she would recommend them for any stage of the quitting journey.

In her final video for VIP, Sarah talks about how vaping has changed her life and that e-cigarettes may just be the best quitting method she has ever used.

What is the best way to quit smoking?

Like many others, Sarah had tried various other quitting methods such as cold turkey and cutting down, neither of which were an effective long term solution. She is now delighted with her progress so far and can’t believe the results. Sarah believes e-cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking:

“It’s been the most effective method of quitting that I have ever had, so I’m really happy”

The Turning Point

After 12 weeks of vaping, Sarah has gone from smoking 1 pack a week, to 1 pack a month, and sometimes less. The real turning point for Sarah was when she realised that she now prefers having an e-cigarette to a tobacco cigarette.

We’ve talked before about the vaping experience, and how many of our customers agree that the experience of vaping is much more pleasant than smoking.

Identifying her weakness

In her final  video diary, Sarah acknowledges that the only time she feels like having a cigarette is when she is on a night out. However, she was at a wedding recently and didn’t feel like having a cigarette at all so she is improving on this day by day.

According to Become an Ex, there are places or situations where you are likely to slip up and smoke, they refer to these as “slippery places”. Slippery Places include Bars, smoking areas, friends who smoke and places where you used to smoke. It is recommended to try avoid these places in your first few weeks of quitting, until you feel that you are 100% ready to be in a ‘slippery place’ and not slip up.


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