The Perfect Gift This Christmas: Health


The time of the year has come when you putting together that  Christmas gifts list. As always, you want to get the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest this festive season.

If any of your loved ones happen to be smokers, we have the perfect solution for you.

Why not give them the gift of health, the gift of a longer life, and the gift of a long term saving? Gift them a great smoking alternative!

A smoking alternative: the perfect present

The reality is that your loved one WANTS to give up smoking, or they have tried and failed in the past and just lost hope of ever kicking the habit.

As we have said before, we KNOW that giving up cigarettes is not a walk in the park.

However, with products like VIP electronic cigarettes, reducing smoking does not have to be as difficult as it is traditionally perceived to be.

You might say “oh if it so easy, why wouldn’t they have tried it already?”

Fair point, but the truth is that electronic cigarettes are relatively new to the Irish market, and may not be top of mind when seeking a smoking alternative.

What’s so great about VIP cigarettes?

The thing that is so great about VIP cigarettes is that they are probably the closest thing to cigarettes you will get…minus the harm. Electronic cigarettes are designed to simulate the action of smoking. Our electronic cigarettes here at VIP contain a micro heating element which – upon inhalation – instantly turns the nicotine solution in the refill cartridge into a vapour. This vapour delivers a small quantity of nicotine to the inhaler – in the same way as a cigarette would, but without the tobacco, the tar or the physical smoke.

Our products also have a bespoke taste. This is compared to most e-liquid suppliers whose e-liquid can be generic and bland-tasting. Furthermore, many e-liquid suppliers import or resell diluted, generic flavoured, poor tasting, low grade e-liquids. This means that you cannot be certain about what you are inhaling.

Our products can be sampled at any of our stands.

You can read more about the characteristics that set VIP apart from competitors here -> Safety & Taste with VIP eCigarettes

So what are your gift options with VIP?

So you have decided that you want to give your loved one a gift they will not forget…something that will change their life. You have decided that it is time they gave up the cigarettes, and their best chance of doing so is with an electronic cigarette like VIP. If they have not used VIP cigarettes before, you will have to buy them a starter kit. We offer a range of electronic cigarette starter kits, which contain some high performance refills in a variety of flavours which taste identical to traditional tobacco cigarettes and ensure the best vaping experience.

Where and how to buy

You can view and purchase our range of starter kits right here –> VIP Starter Kits

You can also visit one of our many kiosks around the country.

Click here to find your nearest stockist

If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please get in touch with us on 01-4750000.

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