The Regulation of Vaping – Some Questions Answered

One of the most common myths about vaping and its industry is that we don’t welcome regulation or debate. This assertion, along with other misconceptions, has led to some well intended, but potentially unhelpful steps taken by Ireland’s politicians.

Senators Averil Power (Fianne Fail) and John Crown (Independent) have proposed measures to curb and regulate vaping to the same level as traditional tobacco products.

While we at VIP greatly welcome both debate and regulation, we are concerned about scaremongering and misinformation. Here, we will try to address some of the concerns Power, Crown and others have outlined.

Myth – Vaping is the same as smoking

Fact – Numerous studies have shown key differences in the effect

In a recent statement addressing the proposed legislation, Joe Dunne, director of VIP Ireland directly addressed claims made by Senator Power: “It is irresponsible of Senator Power to state that e-cigarettes are ‘very harmful and have harmful toxins’, or to claim that passive smoke from people using e-cigarettes is harmful for people nearby, especially children.

“There are numerous studies that show there is no harm from passive vaping, and debate should stick to the actual facts.  Scaremongering is dangerous, in terms of the possibility that smokers will revert to their former habit.”

Myth – Vaping companies don’t want regulation (and all vaping products are the same)

Fact – VIP welcomes regulation

While obviously we cannot speak for all suppliers of vaping products, VIP fully supports the regulation of only selling vaping products to those over 18. VIP E-cigarettes contain all Pharma Grade Nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Glycerine and some flavourings.  Nothing of a harmful nature is in the ingredients and we need to make sure all products are like this – so regulation of standards and ingredients is needed.


Myth – Vaping is aimed at children

Fact – Nothing could be further from the truth

This has been discussed both in Ireland and abroad. The misconception might stem from the fact that vaping is available in numerous flavours, many of them sweet. But to argue that sweet tastes only appeal to children is to ignore everything from restaurant dessert menus, to cocktails to The Great British Bake Off.

And what about the marketing? Well, nobody could argue that our recent  TV ad campaign was aimed at children, for instance.

Myth – it will encourage smoking

Fact – it’s a proven tool for helping people quit

The idea of vaping as a gateway to smoking makes no sense. If vaping is similar to smoking, but is cheaper, smells better, healthier and is less harmful to those around vapers, why would someone switch over to traditional cigarettes?

We’ve discussed this fallacy before, citing surveys (and analyses of the surveys) that comes to the conclusion that vaping is an effective tool to help people quit smoking – an alternative, not a gateway.

VIP have nothing to hide

We genuinely welcome debate and questions about VIP products, from the public and from Irish politicians and media. We stand by VIP as a wonderful product to help people escape from the addiction of traditional cigarettes and smoking.

It’s understandable to be suspicious of a new product or invention, but with one in two people dying a year from traditional smoking related illnesses, vaping could save millions of lives. Let’s work on saving those lives together.



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