THE SWITCH – How do Others Experience Vaping?

In January, the National Center for Smoking Cessation & Training (NCSCT) published a guide on the use of the electronic cigarette for tobacco cessation purposes.

Additionally, in an effort to reach out to smokers to inform them about the low risk alternative, the NCSCT called on the NNA Consumer Association to help them design short videos featuring people speaking about their experience upon switching from smoking to vaping.

This is how The Switch was born, a series of short films “inspired by people who stopped smoking with vaping “. They show how some have managed to make the switch.

The main points highlighted by the vapers in the video include:

  • Many people find it hard to quit because they have picked up the habit of the ‘hand-to-mouth’ action. However, with vaping you still have this ‘hand-to-mouth’ action but at a lower cost to your health
  • The transition was natural as vaping is the “perfect replacement for smoking”
  • Vaping and e cigarettes produce the same benefits of smoking regular cigarettes. You get the same ‘hand-to-mouth’ action, as well as the inhalation and exhalation that you would also receive from smoking. However, with e cigarettes you also have the additional benefits of choosing your own nicotine level and flavours
  • Most vapers begin with 18mg of nicotine but gradually this reduces over time
  • You don’t need an e cigarette the same way you would a cigarette as there is no fear of getting addicted to an e cigarette. All sense of fear and anxiousness associated with leaving your packet of cigarettes at home is lost as it is a lot easier to do without an e cigarette for a day. One user even states he went 12 hours without his e cigarette with no withdrawal symptoms

Finally, as highlighted by one user in the video and what we have been saying here at VIP “vaping is fun, it’s meant to be fun and you can enjoy it”.

A Public Health Revolution?

Many health experts have spoken out in favour of this initiative.  Public health advocate, David Sweanor, said “I see a public health revolution”, as the video is a good example of using technology that empowers the public. He continues to add that “imagine if smokers have accurate information about the relative risks and availability of products to make their decisions”.

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