The vaping experience: Sarah's Story Part 6

“This is so much better than cigarettes, it’s such a nicer experience.”

From buying at least a pack every week, Sarah is now down to 1 pack in over a month. She hasn’t fully quit cigarettes as she thought she might but she has drastically reduced the habit. She doesn’t feel the need to buy a packet of cigarettes anymore, in fact she now prefers the vaping experience to smoking!

In her latest video diary, she discloses the social factors that can tempt her to smoke but she also explains that the benefits of vaping far outweigh her urge to smoke. 

The vaping experience

We hear from many of our customers that the experience of vaping is much more pleasant than the experience of smoking. In fact, smokers find that once they start vaping. they find the smell and taste of cigarettes disgusting!

Many of our customers will start vaping with liquid that resembles tobacco flavour but they will move on after a few months to other flavours such as apple and strawberry.  This is quite common for many vapers. A recent study found that having a variety of flavours actually contributes to efforts to reduce smoking.

Having a variety of flavours is one of the benefits of vaping. We spoke before in a previous blog post about the benefits of vaping , some of which Sarah discusses in her latest video diary:

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