The VIP Survey – What you said…

We’re lucky to live in an age of broad, deep and endless communication, where endless news, opinions and data are just a keystroke away. Of course the downside is that there can be too much opinion and many overlapping, contrasting, contentious and sometimes confusing voices available, especially when it comes to a relatively new practice like vaping.

So we’re happy to bring you some views and hard data directly from the vaping customers themselves. The survey of nearly 400 VIP customers gave us some encouraging and revealing results. We’re immensely proud of what we do, so we were heartened to hear how happy our customers are and how many of them have made changes to their lives after using VIP products.

What you said

We talked to these hundreds of our customers to find out what they really thought of vaping and VIP products; how it’s changed their lifestyle and what specifically they thought of VIP.  Most of you are happy with us, would recommend us to a friend and – most encouragingly – haven’t smoked a traditional cigarette in over a year.

Starting off with a question of overall contentment, we were humbled by the 92% satisfaction with the overall VIP experience; to break that figure down a little, 42% surveyed described their experience with us as good and 50% rated VIP as “excellent”. We work tirelessly in providing quality products and prompt, user-friendly service, so that result is music to our ears.

Those numbers bear out when we see that most of you continue vaping with VIP after you try it. While some of those surveyed were relative newcomers, most of you (over 60%) have been using our products for over a year.

Make the change

A common motive for vaping is to make a change from traditional cigarettes; and our survey found that a huge 74% of VIP customers haven’t had a traditional cigarette in at least a year and for 54% of those it’s been even longer.

Vaping works for those people, but why VIP over other brands? Well the survey showed that “high quality” was the most popular reason that customers stuck with VIP as a brand, followed by next-day delivery service and (in joint third place) pricing and free postage and packaging.

So the vast majority of you are happy, and how did you hear of us in the first place? Half of you first became aware of VIP by seeing our kiosks and stores, but one of our biggest champions is our own customer base, with just under a quarter (24%) learning about VIP through word of mouth. That’s not surprising when we learned that a staggering 87% of customers would “definitely” recommend VIP products to a friend and 77% “definitely” would continue using the products.

A big thanks to all of you

We are delighted with these survey results, and feel validated that our claims are echoed by our customers. This survey has helped us get to know you better, but worry not – we will not rest on these laurels, and will work tirelessly to maintain the high standards you’ve come to expect from VIP and continue to provide a first-class service to all of our friends, old and new.



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