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Sub-Ohming is the latest in all vaping technology, but is it for everyone? There are pros and cons to all types of vaping equipment and what works for one person may not be right for another. Trying to find what is suitable for you when it comes to vaping can be a real challenge, however, many people tend to go from a simple vape pen and expect a sub-ohm device to work in a similar way. This is not the case and using a sub-ohm device can be difficult for some users to get the hang of. Although recommended for experienced vapers, new users sometimes see the latest in vaping technology and want it straight away without any knowledge of vaping at all. In this case, most vapers will eventually get used to the device but will almost definitely need to read the manual a few times or get a helping hand from our expert sales staff in our stores. On the other hand, others may struggle and find sub-ohming to be either too complex or a little scary as the devices can be quite intimidating to those with little to no experience of vaping. Here we shall have a look at what sub-ohming has to offer and hopefully, after reading this information, you will feel more confident when deciding whether sub-ohming is suitable for you.

Huge Vapour Clouds

If you have seen people producing extremely large plumes of vapour and wondered how they do it, well this is how. Sub-ohm devices have variable voltage/wattage and are able to heat up more which help to produce excessive vapour. This combined with large drip tips, big adjustable airflows, low resistance coils and e-liquids high in vegetable glycerine (VG) can produce some pretty impressive vapour clouds. This for some people is fantastic and the best news they have ever received as now they can blow huge plumes of vapour and even take part in the nationwide competitions where people do tricks with their vapour clouds (yes, this happens and is becoming more and more popular!). On the other hand, others wish to be more discreet with vaping and may find that sub-ohming can receive a little too much attention. Whereas as some vapers are more than happy to explain to others how vaping is a potential life saver and is 95% safer than smoking, as proven by Public Health England, others simply want to use their smoking alternatives quietly. These people prefer something which resembles a cigarette and produces similar amounts of vapour. However, if you really want to sub-ohm but are put off by the mass amounts of vapour, try a slightly higher resistance coil along with an e-liquid which is higher in propylene glycol (PG) and use your device on a lower voltage/wattage. This way, you get the best of both worlds!

Better Flavoured E-liquid

Because of its ability to heat the e-liquid more, you can achieve a fuller and intensified flavour. Once you have started to get the hang of sub-ohming, experimenting with new and exciting flavours will become your favourite past time! Sub-ohming allows you to personalise your vaping experience to the maximum and will enable you to taste the flavour of your e-liquids like never before. This is an advantage of a sub-ohm device that really doesn’t have any cons associated with it. A better flavoured e-liquid is always going to be a plus and lets you find your perfect vape. No matter what, you will love how a sub-ohm makes your e-liquid taste and this is something that is harder to achieve with other devices. That being said, any variable voltage/wattage device will allow you to experiment with your e-liquid flavour as the heat will adjust as you go up or down. However, they cannot be set as a high as a sub-ohm and therefore will have their limits.

Allows High VG E-liquid

Although liquids which are high in vegetable glycerine can be used with many devices, some tanks (especially basic disposables) can get clogged up very quickly if not cleaned often and efficiently. This causes a process called ‘caramelization’ which affects not only the colour of your e-liquid (which is not the problem), but the flavour of your e-liquid (BIG problem). Caramelization can make your e-liquid taste terrible. It is a gooey residue which builds up around the coil, thus turning it a brown colour and causing a burnt flavoured liquid. This is unpleasant to look at and unpleasant to vape. Sub-ohm devices work equally as well with either e-liquid whether it is high in PG or VG and so this is far more unlikely to happen. Although PG is able to be heated to a higher temperature, high VG liquids seem to be the preferred option as they produce more vapour. After experimenting with many different flavours and various PG and VG contents, we discovered that the best combination seems to be a good old balance of 50:50. Because of this, we created a brand new range named Arcadia. This range is perfect for our sub-ohm devices and comes in four unique, specially formulated flavours which have rapidly become some of our most popular and best selling e-liquids. If you would like to read more about our gourmet Arcadia range, an in depth description of each individual tantalising flavour can be found hereDo remember that, when using a sub-ohm device, they do heat up the liquid more and therefore you will go through e-liquid much quicker than with a non sub-ohm device… but we think it’s worth it!

Direct To Lung Vaping

When using a sub-ohm device, a different technique of vaping is used. For those who smoke traditional cigarettes or are using simple smoking alternatives such as a cig-a-like or basic vape pen like the photon kit,  the usual technique is generally known as mouth to lung. This means that you first suck through the cigarette or vape pen, before secondly inhaling the smoke or vapour being held in your mouth to your lungs. Using a sub-ohm requires you to immediately inhale directly from the sub-ohm device. This is called direct to lung and can sometimes take a while to get used to. While some prefer this method and find it gives them a better hit, others find it uncomfortable and feel it is less enjoyable as it has no resemblance to inhaling a real cigarette. What must be noted here is that, because a sub-ohm requires a direct to lung inhale, only e-liquids which contain 8mg of nicotine or lower are recommended to be used. This is because the nicotine content becomes thoroughly intensified upon inhaling and anything above 8mg of nicotine will be far too strong. This suits some people fine because, as mentioned before, a better hit is achieved with a sub-ohm and so it becomes easier to lower the nicotine strength. Others however, can find it difficult to lower their nicotine intake and may find that inhaling stronger strengths is unpleasant with a sub-ohm as the direct lung hit is way too much. Whether this style of vaping is suitable for you depends on what kind of vaping experience you are looking for and ultimately, comes down to personal preference.

The Noise

Sub-ohm devices are loud. Some vapers love this about them and like to be seen and heard when vaping. Just as we spoke about before, many of the competitions people take part in enjoy the sounds a sub-ohm makes as this is all part of the experience of sub-ohming. On the other hand, there are those who find it intimidating and become scared or nervous when using their device. Because the device can be heated up to such high temperatures, the heating element inside will heat the liquid far more than a basic vape pen therefore causing a bubbling, crackling or popping noise. This is easiest to understand when compared to a kettle. When you hold the button down to inhale, it resembles switching on your kettle and when the water in you kettle is boiling and makes the loud noises, this is what your sub-ohm device is doing to the e-liquid in order to create vapour. The noises a sub-ohm makes are necessary and unfortunately cannot be changed. Most people tend to adjust to it sooner or later and after a while, tend not to notice it as much. Sub-ohm devices are easy to adapt to as you should be familiar with a few noises from your basic vaping device. If this is your first purchase, remember that sub-ohming is not recommended for new vapers and so you should ensure that you fully understand all of the pros and cons beforehand. Devices will vary and certain ones will make louder noises than others, however, whether you don’t mind the noise is entirely up to you.

For many vapers, each of these features is largely considered an advantage. If you are an experienced vaper or a new vaper with a good understanding of vape products, sub-ohming is definitely an option you should try. Although it is not for everyone, sub-ohming in our opinion gives a superior vaping experience and has very few down sides. By using advanced technology and the highest quality materials, our state of the art vaporisers are becoming the leading products within the vape industry.

The conclusion… sub-ohming is the future of vaping, and it is a future that we all need to be a part of!

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