Travelling with E-Cigarettes

As you prepare for the holiday season, you might have some questions about travelling with e-cigarettes, how to bring your vaping equipment abroad and where it’s acceptable to partake in vaping. We’ve discussed this subject before, but vaping laws and customs are changing so rapidly, that we thought it’d be worthwhile giving an updated guide…

Travelling with E-Cigarettes: Flying

Everyone knows that much of travelling is waiting, so it’s good to have your vaping equipment nearby should the urge strike you. Unfortunately, most airports only allow vaping in smoking areas, and even though vaping during a flight is usually up to the airline (and sometimes flight staff) to decide, it’s best assume you won’t be allowed.

Vaping equipment is permitted as part of carry-on luggage, but be sure to mention it to airport security staff. Contrary to popular belief, you are allowed to bring liquid on board with carry-on luggage, but only a maximum of 100 milliletres. The rest of your vaping liquid will have to go in your checked-in luggage, but if you’re only using carry-on, 100 milliletres should last you at least a week. Full details on carry-on restrictions can be found here.

In Irish airports, you can only vape in smoking areas, but Heathrow airport are the first airport to open a vaping lounge, which can be found in Terminal 4.

If you are flying in the United States, this map may come in useful as it specifies which airports you can vape in.

Vaping abroad

Some countries allow public smoking (and therefore vaping) within certain parameters; others allow the practice but not the sale of vaping products, while some other countries have banned it outright.

Currently 17 countries in the EU have smoke-free laws in place.  A report by the European Commission highlights these laws: Among these, Ireland, the UK, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Spain and Hungary have the strictest smoke-free provisions with a complete ban on smoking in enclosed public places, on public transport and in workplaces, with only limited exceptions allowed.

Vaping café laws can be (ahem) foggy, as vaping cafes exist in Dublin, Belfast, London, with more likely to follow in other regions, so check your destination before you leave.

Also with most of Europe banning smoking, that also means that they’ll all have al fresco smoking and vaping areas. Additionally, some bars in Europe and beyond have smoking areas indoors. Here’s a list of Europe and greater Europe and the smoking ban status, and here’s another that covers the world. But bear in mind that you might not want to be reminded of the smell and passive smoke of a smoky bar or restaurant.

Stocking up

It’s best to stock up before you travel, just in case supplies are rare in your target destination. If you leave the house without your vaping kit, don’t panic! Remember that VIP can be found in terminal 2 after you go through security. Alternatively you can shop before you fly on The Loop website.

Happy trails!


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