Unboxing the vaping experience

Thanks to services like YouTube, consumers all over the world have the opportunity to get an up close look at some of the products they are interested in before committing to purchase. Smartphones, game consoles and even kitchen appliances have enjoyed this process, and now we’re giving vaping the unboxing treatment.

So you’re considering switching to vaping after hearing some of your friends’ and colleagues’ positive experiences, but you’re not sure what’s involved. Well, it all begins with a starter kit.

What’s in the box?

Every VIP Starter Kit will contain a cigarette-like box, a rechargeable battery, a USB charger and full instructions.

Part of the appeal of electronic smoking is that it looks and feels like smoking, but without many of smoking’s unwelcome side effects. This is why the refill cartridges resemble cigarette filters and the battery often resembles a white cigarette (other colours are available).

pro-starter-kit Costs will vary depending on the Starter Kit you buy, but as you get more familiar with the vaping options that best suit your needs; you can begin to consider buying refill cartridges in bulk for the best value.

When you buy a product from VIP, the battery will be charged, so you can get started immediately.

How do I pick a flavour?

This depends: Do you want to recreate the taste and aroma that you are used to from traditional smoking, or do you want to try something else entirely, maybe something sweeter?

If you’d like something in the traditional-imitation category, you can try something from this range, which includes American, British or even Cuban cigar flavours.

For a sweeter taste, there are vanilla, cola or pear flavours. There’s also a range of fruit flavours and menthol-inspired flavours.

How does it compare to traditional smoking?

The similarities between vaping and traditional smoking are mostly superficial. The look, weight and feel of an e-cigarette are similar to traditional tobacco products in order to assist with the transition process.

While enjoying your VIP product, you will inhale vapour, breathing in just like with a traditional cigarette. During this process the end of an e-cigarette will illuminate, to mimic a cigarette’s burning flame.

However, it will of course feel different, as inhaling vapour is a different sensation from breathing in smoke.

Your wallet will feel different too, as vaping is an estimated 80% cheaper than traditional smoking.

And the smell will be different and less insidious, as vapour does not hang in the air (or in your clothes) as cigarette smoke does. That smell, of course, might even be sweeter, depending on the flavour of your refill.

Day to day preparation and use

Maintaining your vaping experience is very different – and much more convenient – than maintaining a smoking habit. Your battery will need to be charged, but that can be done with a USB port or a wall socket.

Refills are small and can be ordered online. And one regular cigarette is equivalent to seven ‘three second’ puffs with an electronic product.

Making a change is often intimidating, but millions of former smokers are now enjoying vaping instead. Remember, the longest journey begins with a single step.

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