Vaping and nicotine - the real truth

In 1976 Professor Michael Russell wrote “People smoke for nicotine, but they die from the tar.” It is generally understood that it is not nicotine itself that is harmful, but the method of delivery, i.e. Burning Tobacco.

Nicotine is not a carcinogen (substance that causes cancer), has minimal, if any, effect on heart disease or lung issues. The same pharmaceutical grade nicotine used in NRT products (patches, gum) is used in e cigarette liquids.

This information above is widely not known. Many people, smokers, believe that it is nicotine that causes the damage and it is not true. A lot of people believe nicotine causes cancer, many doctors think it too and this is where the issue is for many who might be thinking about vaping instead of smoking. It is the combustion of tobacco where the harm is not the nicotine.

The problem we have is that Nicotine has been associated with tobacco for many years as it is bound in tobacco and it is really a guilt by association. Nicotine has been part of the tobacco industry for so long that is seen in the same light as the other harmful components. There is no link between pharma grade nicotine and cancer. Both the UK MHRA (Medicine & Healthcare Regulatory Authority) and Royal College of Physicians conclude that there is no evidence that pharma nicotine causes cancer.

Epidemiology (study how diseases occur) studies also found that pharm nicotine is not linked to cardiovascular disease.

The above shows us in a scientific manner that nicotine is not the harmful part of smoking and many think that it is. Smokers think nicotine is the danger and this stops them from trying vaping as they think that they are swapping one addiction for another. This is not the case as you are swapping smoking for a much less harmful alternative in Vaping. Now let us look at Vaping.



Imagine a new miracle drug with the potential to prevent one third of fatal cancers, to avoid one in four deaths from cardiovascular disease and to provide relief for millions suffering from serious lung disease. The side effects of this hypothetical treatment appear to be minimal and people can carry on with normal life while under treatment.

Imagine, too, that ordinary people will purchase this affordable drug at their own expense and on their own initiative in order to take personal responsibility for their own health—and even because they like it. That would be quite a breakthrough.

It turns out that such a product exists, but it just isn’t a medicine. The product is the e-cigarette and millions of adults have already benefited by switching from smoking to vaping or are on their way to doing so. These products are among the most significant public health innovations of modern times, and their successors have the potential to render the cigarette obsolete and end the worldwide epidemic of smoking-related disease.

Clive Bates former Director of ASH (Action on Smoking & Health) UK.


The above statement is one of the best pieces I have ever seen in regard to vaping and what it can do for the smokers in the world. Public Health England have carried out over 400 studies over 10 years by more than 50 scientists/doctors and they tell us that Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. These are facts from experts in this field and this is the information we need smokers to see and hear. This video shows you a very impactful visual difference between smoking and Vaping. Watch Here

Most things in life carry a risk, driving cars carry a risk as people die in car accidents. What we do is reduce the harm by having speed limits and use of seat belts. Harm reduction is to enable people to continue doing that thing but to do it in a less harmful way. We have harm reduction on drugs so why not on smoking. Here you can see a video from many experts in this area to explain safety in vaping. Watch Here

Vaping is a rival to tobacco, they are not the same. It is combustion vs non combustion and this is the difference people need to focus on. A stated earlier Nicotine is not harmful, it is the method of delivery, combustion of tobacco. Nicotine levels in Vaping is much less than smoking, in a pack of 20 cigarettes the nicotine levels would be about 200mg and the equivalent in vaping would have 40mg and that is based on a vaper using the highest strength in e liquid.

If a smoker quit smoking by the time they are 40 years old their life expectancy recovers, many do not know this and vaping can help you achieve this by helping a smoker to stop smoking.

The same Pharmaceutical Nicotine used in NRT (patches, gum) is used in e-liquids in vaping.


Do not forget the experts tell us that Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.


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