Vaping and your Lungs: The Effects

With the benefit of decades of studies and experience, we all know the effect that traditional cigarette smoking has on one’s lungs.

Smoking and Lung Function

Here’s a quick recap: As points out, “Damage to the lungs begins early in smokers, and cigarette smokers have a lower level of lung function than non-smokers of the same age. Lung function continues to worsen as long as the person smokes, but it may take years for the problem to become noticeable enough for lung disease to be diagnosed. Smoking causes many lung diseases that can be nearly as bad as lung cancer.”

Other lung-related maladies related to smoking (and not including lung cancer) include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a long-term lung disease which includes both chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Vaping and your lungs – Is it harmful?

So where does leave vaping? Well, despite being completely different products, and perhaps because vaping is a common smoke-quitting tool, vaping and smoking are often confused.

In a recent article by The Independent, they argue that there is an onslaught of contradictory information in the media when it comes to legislation, regulation, taxation and the effects of vaping.  Professor Ann McNeill has been quick to respond to this contradictory information surrounding the health effects of vaping.

There is no evidence of harm from other people inhaling e-cigarette vapour – unlike the known risks of second-hand cigarette smoke. There is also, as yet, no evidence that e-cigarettes are renormalisng smoking.”

This article in the Science section of The Guardian tries to set the record straight. Linda Bauld, professor of health policy in University of Stirling says: “Both the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Association acknowledge that [vaping] is safer than continued smoking. This is not simply an opinion; it is an evidence-based statement, and one that is supported by tobacco control organisations in the UK.”

This opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal by Dr Michael B. Siegel says that attempts to curb vaping are “misbegotten.” He argues: “As electronic cigarettes do not involve combustion, they do not expose users to most of the more than 60 carcinogens in tobacco smoke, and they appear to be safer by orders of magnitude.”

The Vaping VS Smoking Debate

The vaping vs smoking debate is in full force, especially when it comes to lungs. We all depend on lung health in every moment of our lives, of course, but professionals who use lungs for work are starting to swing towards vaping.

Singers who switched smoking for vaping include Tom Petty and Bruno Mars. And many athletic and health articles argue in favour of vaping instead of traditional smoking. “The minute a smoker switches from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, their lungs begin to rejuvenate,” says “The lungs will begin to slowly get rid of all the tar and smoke residue left behind.

“Within a few weeks a former smoker should feel better and notice an increase in their endurance and lung capacity.”

A survey reported here had some hard facts gleamed from a survey about vaping vs smoking. “One of the most important outcomes from the survey showed 70% of ‘vapers’ noticed increased lung capacity since switching to e-cigs, with 22.2% of these cases being confirmed by a doctor.

“Almost three quarters of those questioned – 72.9% – reported improved ability while exercising…And exactly two thirds – 66% – said they also noticed improved performance when tackling strenuous daily tasks.”

Vaping Success Stories

Health journalists and doctors aside, many users in Ireland are adamant that e-cigarettes have changed their lives for the better.  Anthony set up an e-cigarette shop after his heavy-smoker mother developed cancer.  Of course he urged her to quit smoking but nothing was working and so he looked into vaping.

“She’d tried all the gums and sprays but those did very little. I encouraged her on to the e-cigarettes last November, and she hasn’t looked back. You feel very helpless when someone you love is sick, so it’s been brilliant to have been able to help her off tobacco.”


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