Vaping at the Golden Globes


We’ve talked before about celebrities who’ve embraced vaping, ditching the antisocial, stale smell of burning chemicals and opting for the less hazardous and frankly sweeter-smelling alternative.

The Golden Globes 

The Golden Globes took place this month, and once again proved to be a looser, more chic awards bash than the Oscars. Numerous celebs were vaping within the warm walls of the venue, and not huddled into a smoking area. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (of Seinfeld and Veep) was seen blowing out vapour in a little skit at the awards. She was hiding behind Jackie-O sunglasses and gleefully exhaling.

More subdued was Leonardo DiCaprio, who was seen leaning into his e-cigarette during the ceremony. The actor had been trying to quit conventional cigarettes for years, and has now apparently switched to the smoke and tar-free option.

Health vs Vanity

It’s no wonder that celebs are choosing vaping over smoking: Not only is it healthier, but it’s also better for your appearance; no more smoke in your eyes and skin damage; no more tar-filled smoke staining your teeth; no more yellow marks on finger tips.

Health should be the main reason for ditching traditional cigarettes, of course. But the incentive doesn’t really matter – whether you’re doing it for better skin, to be more sociable, or to cut down the second hand smoke for your loved ones, your lungs, skin and wallet will thank you for vaping.

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