Vaping Flavours for All Occasions

The benefits of switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping are not just to your health and your pocket. Vaping is also much more versatile, adaptable and (dare we say) fun.

The relative uniformity of traditional cigarettes can be a drag (pun intended), as can its persistent smell. But because vapour disappears faster than smoke (leaving virtually no smell behind) and because we can offer a huge range of vaping flavours, vaping can be enjoyed in so many more settings.

Here’s what we mean…

After a Meal

Some former smokers complain that they miss cigarettes after a meal. But why not use vaping flavours as both a desert and a substitute for your traditional smoke? The sweet taste of Strawberry is a popular flavour for a reason, and you’ll get the post-savoury sweetness without the calories.

On a Workday Morning

Depending on your previous life as a traditional smoker, you might want to go for Mad Cow, whose flavour gives a sweet, energy-drink kick, or a continental-breakfast-style Cappuccino Classico taste.

On a Coffee Break

Later in the working morning, just around the time you take your first coffee break, you might be tempted by a blueberry muffin. How about a Blueberry-flavoured vape instead? It goes great with coffee or tea, and you’ll get the taste, without eating the equivalent of a slice of cake in the morning (and let’s not even talk about how many blueberry-flavoured foods don’t even have blueberries!).

In Autumn

As you watch the leaves change and notice the evenings getting longer, you want something cosy and welcoming in your vape. We’d recommend Vanilla for the golden-leaf time of year.

For Christmas

When the festive season kicks off, we’d suggest a flavour synonymous with Christmas deserts like pudding, Christmas cake and the most sought-after tinned chocolates! Cherry is the perfect flavour and scent for the most magical time of the year.

In Spring

When the New Year eventually rolls around, and trees and plants are budding with possibilities and fresh new fruit and leaves, Apple is the ideal taste for your spring, vaping walks.

When Celebrating

While all of the flavours would suit any time or occasion, you might want to treat yourself to a different flavour for special occasions: Maybe Watermelon, Triple Menthol, or one inspired by British or American tobacco flavours? We appreciate that every new vaper has a story and preference of their own, which is why we have such a rich variety of flavours to choose from.

Choice, freedom and fun

Vaping is about choice, freedom and fun – the choice to pick a flavour that suits you and whatever mood you’re in; the freedom from expensive, antisocial traditional cigarettes and the fun new way to enjoy everyday routines.

We appreciate that every new vaper has a story and preference of their own, which is why we have such a rich variety of flavours to choose from.

What do you think? Is there a flavour to fit your mood? And how did you pick your favourite?


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