Vaping Hits the Headlines

It’s been a high-profile week for the e-cigarette, with our smoke-free friend making appearances in both The Irish Times and Prime Time.

The Irish Times: Their view on vaping

The Irish Times asked “is vaping safer than smoking” and, after some reservations about the tobacco industry, argued that “Evidence about the use of e-cigarettes is still being gathered but no evidence has yet emerged of the transfer to the consumer of tar and some of the other harmful chemicals contained in traditional smoke.”

VIP, incidentally, are not owned by or affiliated with the cigarette and tobacco industry.

The Irish Times piece also presents commentary on a recent research piece into e-cigarettes and their role in helping people to quit smoking:

“…a recent study published in The Lancet showed that some six months after starting to use e-cigarettes, a little over 7 per cent of traditional smokers had stopped smoking tobacco. This compares favourably with people who use nicotine patches as an aid to stopping smoking.”

There are definitely some indications that the view on e-cigarettes is about to move in the right direction.

Prime Time’s view on vaping

It’s fair to say that RTE’s current affairs flagship Prime Time (viewable here) doesn’t pull any punches. In its report on vaping on Monday, the 20th of January, they spoke to stockists, suppliers, pharmacists and users of e-cigarettes.

In the studio debate, Clive Bates, former director of ASH, one of the best-known anti-smoking groups in the world, was hugely pro-vaping. “I think they’re a good thing. The more people [who] convert, the better,” he said.

“We already know more about what’s in these products than what is in cigarette smoke itself,” he added, praising e-cigarettes for having “no combustion” and noting that “nicotine itself is not particularly harmful”.

We’re delighted to see vaping covered more and more in the mainstream news. And we’re also happy that it’s subject to debate and discussion, and not just one-sided cheerleading. We’ve got nothing to hide and we believe that vaping is a far healthier – and frankly less antisocial – alternative to smoking. As the practice becomes more popular we look forward to seeing more coverage, more debates, and more people ditching their cigarettes.


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