Vaping instead of smoking - 8 great things you could do with savings

Vaping instead of smoking brings lots of benefits; better health, better breath, cleaner teeth, a pleasant smelling car…

However, perhaps one of the most pleasant benefits vaping instead of smoking is the increasing weight of your wallet. As we have said in previous blog posts, a regular smoker (smoking between 11 and 20 cigarettes per day) giving up the cigarettes will save up to €63.70 per week. That equates to a whopping €3312.40 per year! And that’s not even taking that daily packet of chewing gum into consideration!

So the question is: what could you spend your new-found fortunes on?

Here are 8 things that are top of our list!

1. Go on an amazing adventure holiday to South America

After giving up smoking, you will be able to breathe so you will be able to do amazing things like experience the Inca Trail!

2. Go on some European mini-city breaks during the year

If an adventure holiday sounds like too much action, you can take yourself off on a few mini-city breaks around Europe! Not drinking or smoking, but sight-seeing and shopping!

3. Get your teeth done

After years of smoking, you teeth are probably looking a bit neglected (maybe not quite as bad as Shane McGowan, but getting there!). Why not get them cleaned up, maybe get a fancy set of invisible braces, and of course remove that smokers stain by getting them whitened! Investing in a Hollywood Smile is a great motivator to stay off the ciggies!

4. Join a gym

Lots of people worry about putting on weight when they quit smoking. It does happen to many people, but by joining a gym you can avoid that. Working out has benefits beyond weight maintenance/loss. You’ll enjoy better mental health, you’ll look younger for longer, you’ll be fitter…and you’ll just be a happier person!

5. Get a brand new wardrobe of clothes

Joining a gym won’t cost you over three thousand euros, so why not treat yourself to a new wardrobe of clothes too? New chapter, new you!

6. Buy designer shoes!

For all the ladies out there you are giving up smoking, why not treat yourself to something every girl wishes for? Yes, a pair of LouBoutins are sure to go down well! Or maybe that Gucci bag you’ve always dreamed of? Tell yourself that if you give up smoking TODAY and you’re still off the ciggies by this time next year, you will treat yourself to what we are sure will turn out to be your pride and joy (after your kids, of course – if you are lucky enough to have some!).

7. Buy a PS4 or Xbox 1

And for all the men out there…we are sure you wouldn’t have any kind of desire to become an owner of shoes or bags that cost an arm and a leg! Why not invest in the new Playstation 4 or Xbox1? Sure what else would you be doing?

8. Buy VIP e-Cigarettes

If you want to ensure that you always have these increased funds at your disposal, you need to make sure that when you quit, you quit for life. A great smoking alternative is an electronic cigarette such as our ones here at VIP.

According to recent research, compared to using nicotine patches, e-cigarettes have been found to have approximately a 25% higher success rate of helping people to give up smoking.

Because  e-cigarettes mimic the act of smoking (in terms of bespoke taste and smoking sensations), studies (such as Etter and Bullen (2014)) have given indications that you have a better chance of kicking the habit. In fact, these indications suggest that almost half of people who are regular smokers and who start using e-cigarettes, quit conventional smoking within one year.

A great investment if you ask us!

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