Vaping Reaches New Level of Popularity

Vaping has reached an all-time high in popularity and global use, as more and more smokers are ditching traditional cigarettes for vaping. Vaping products are also competing with other nicotine products and are becoming a threat to the market share held by nicotine patches and gum, both of which are seeing their sales fall for the first time in years.

Vaping by Numbers

The most comprehensive consumer spending data that aligns with the popularity of vaping in recent times comes from the UK.

Earlier this year, The Telegraph reported: “In a sign that British consumers are increasingly using e-cigarettes as a crutch to quit smoking, domestic vaping sales increased by 75% to £459m (€645m) while spending on nicotine replacement therapies such as patches and gum fell by 3% to £137m (€192m), its first decline since 2008, ending four years of annual growth of between 5% and 6%.

“Globally, sales of vapour devices grew by 59% to £3.9bn (€5.48bn) – breaking through $6bn (€5.3bn) for the first time – as business in its largest market, the US, more than doubled to £1.7bn (€2.3bn), according to data from Euromonitor International.”

Vaping: New vs Old

Parallel to the uptake in vaping, is the decline of traditional smoking in the Western World. The proportion of adults in the UK who smoke dropped from 27% in 1999 to 19% in 2014, and fell from 24% to 17% in the US.

Shane MacGuill, senior tobacco analyst at Euromonitor, has also been vocal on the issue in the media:

“Up until now there has been no direct competition for cigarettes in a meaningful sense, and nicotine replacement therapies were certainly not providing that…The days of the traditional cigarette are numbered – the only question is how long that process will take – and e-cigarettes have the potential to drastically shorten the shelf life of traditional tobacco products.”

One news report, that is keeping an eye on studies being carried out by the University of London, furthers MacGuil’s opinion and suggests that willpower alone may not be enough to help people move away from traditional cigarette usage.

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When in Doubt, Take a Poll

In the US, the uptake in vaping might be even higher than official government figures suggest. An online Reuters poll of 5,679 Americans suggests electronic cigarette usage is significantly higher than the US government estimates. The survey, conducted between May 19 and June 4, 2015, shows nearly 10% of adults (and 15% of adults under 40) now vape. That’s nearly four times the 2.6% figure the US government estimated in 2013.

Perhaps vaping’s rise in popularity comes from its versatility and durability. There are countless styles to choose from, whether you want it to smell and look like a traditional cigarette, a high-tech device, or something more aesthetically pleasing. Online message boards centred around vaping often see users talking about how investing a little more money in their vaping paraphernalia and buying higher-end equipment has improved their experience.

The Telegraph also reports on the increasing number of young men who vape. This is apparently due to men’s “penchant for gadgetry and tinkering”.

Whether you like to vape for financial or style reasons, take comfort in knowing that you’re certainly not alone in your preference. With vaping on the rise worldwide and traditional smoking at an all time low in major cosmopolitan cities like New York, it’s certainly seems that it’s a trend that won’t be evaporating anytime soon.

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